XXVI International Camp of Democratic, Anti-Fascist and Anti-Imperialist Youth

XXVI Campamento Internacional de la Juventud Democrática, Antifascista y Antiimperialista

From July 31 to August 5, 2018, in the midst of intense struggles of the Mexican people for social change, hundreds of young people from different parts of the world will converge on Mexico City for the 26th International Camp of Democratic, Anti-Fascist and Anti-Imperialist Youth. It will be an exciting 6 days of forums, conferences, work tables, workshops, artistic and sports activities: a chance to share experiences and organize future struggles.

The main organizers include the youth organizations that are part of ILPS-Mexico. They are looking forward to the participation of youth from at least 20 countries.

“This is a call to the progressive, rebellious, democratic, revolutionary, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist youth who on all the continents are fighting for better living conditions while seeking a fundamental change of this unjust system.

This is a call to the youth of the world who have said: Stop the war! Stop corruption! No more racism! No more exploitation! No more women’s oppression! A call those all those who are opposing US imperialism in the streets and the mountains.

The capitalist system today is incapable of guaranteeing work, education, health and other rights; on the contrary, economic, political and social destabilization is growing; millions of human beings live the terrible reality of wars in the Middle East; we have witnessed massive migrations to Europe; famines in Africa; unemployment; ecological disasters and increasing physical and economic violence against the working class.



Therefore, we call on the youth who are in solidarity with peoples in struggle and ready to organize themselves to build a democratic society without social classes. We call the youth in every corner of the world to unite, to fight; let us be one voice, one fist against exploitation and oppression as we march towards freedom and peace with social justice for our peoples.

This is a historic moment in which the people of Mexico continue to fight against a decadent regime responsible for the massive repression against the people of Nochixtlán Oaxaca and the disappearance of the 43 normalistas (students) of Ayotzinapa; a moment where the need for unity and the call to take to the streets within the framework of the presidential elections of 2018 are gaining strength.

It is in this context that we raise this call to hold the XXVI International Camp of Democratic, Anti-Fascist and Anti-Imperialist Youth, July 31 to August 5, 2018 in Mexico City. Let us be one with the struggle of the workers, peasants and native peoples.”

For peace and social liberation, let us raise the unity and struggle of youth!

For more information / registration:

EMAIL: ujrmnacional (at) gmail (dot) com

WhatsApp:  + 52 1 722 225 2273 (Elizabeth Mujica)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cnjaa14/


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