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Cambodia – Workers were beaten up by forces hired by the government during a peaceful protest this morning at the Assembly Ministry. The workers conducted a national assembly against the draft Trade Union Law.

Read more about the draft law:

Struggle against repressive national laws! Post in facebook a photo holding a sticker saying “No to the passage of draft Cambodian Law, When law is not good, workers will not allow”

Please support the other calls for action below.



Solidarity actions for May Day 2016

The gap between the rich and the poor in the world has further widened because of imperialist neoliberal policies. In the last eight years since the global financial and economic crisis erupted, the wealth generated by world’s working people has never grown as high in a short period, yet billions of people continue to live in abject poverty.

Imperialist governments, financial oligarchs, and monopoly-capitalists dominate the world’s economy.

There are around 63,000 multinational corporations, which control 2/3 of trade and 80% of investments in the world. More than 80 million workers are subject to their exploitation through global production, and this number does not even include the massive hidden workforce in their global value chains. [i]

These corporations are the major driving force in neoliberal policies of liberalization, deregulation, privatization, financialization and denationalization.

They have plundered resources causing economic displacement and environmental destruction.

Examples abound in which the revenue of a single multinational corporation exceeds the GDP of an entire country. The profits they amass can end global poverty many times over.

But the world’ working people remain poor, landless and suppressed.

Imperialist governments have invested in the military-industrial complex to prevent and stop social unrests and revolutions.
As May 1 or International Labor Day approaches, let us join together in coordinated activities to call for an end to neoliberal policies, and against imperialist wars.

Struggle against neoliberal policies!
No to imperialist exploitation and plunder of resources!
No to wars of aggression and all forms of reaction!

We would like to enjoin everyone – ILPS and non-ILPS members, workers, peasants, migrants, women, youth, indigenous people, and other formations to support any of the activities. Please suggest more issues and the actions we can do to support it.



Solidarity actions

Struggle for the rights of workers in multinational corporations (MNCs)

– Send letters to Adidas regarding the unfair dismissal of 1,300 workers in Indonesia (see template below)

Struggle against the plunder of land and resources

– Make a statement condemning the brutal dispersal of farmers by the police in South Sulawesi. Indonesia.


Struggle for the rights of indigenous people

– Make a statement condemning the assassination of Honduran indigenous leader Bertha Cáceres and other people who have been killed opposing Canadian mining projects around the world.


Struggle against political repression

Food not bullets!

–  Make a statement condemning the Aquino government of the Philippines for the massacre perpetrated by government forces to Kidapawan farmers.


Solidarity with the people of Brussels, condemn terrorist bombings everywhere

– Make a statement condemning the terrorist bombings in Belgium that are result of imperialist wars and oppression.


Free detained labor rights defenders (April 20 Day of Action)

– Send letters of protest to key government offices to free labour activists that are imprisoned for trumped-up charges and their role in peace talks (see template below)

May 1 Labor Day

– March on May Day, and post in facebook a photo holding a placard with any of the following calls:

Struggle against neoliberal policies!
No to imperialist exploitation and plunder of resources!
No to wars of aggression and all forms of reaction!

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