Good evening, Comrades and Friends,

On behalf of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, I welcome you to this book launch of Prof. Jose Maria Sison’s latest book: Building People’s Power.

About the Nationa Democratic Front of the Philippines, may I tell you a little about Joma’s role in conceiving it, establishing and guiding it through the years. Already in 1971, the CPP led by Joma conceived the plan and made preparations for the NDFP. In 1973, on April 24, the NDFP announced its 10 Program amidst the growing mass movement against the Marcos dictatrship. This has been celebrated as the founding of the NDFP, April 24, 1973.

Since then it has grown to 18 allied revolutionary organizations: the CPP, the NPA, workers (2), peasant, women, youth, three indigenous people’s organizations (CPDF, Lumad, Moros), Christians, health workers, teachers, government employees, artists and writers, and the latest, Compatriots representing millions of overseas Filipinos.

In the Philippines, all the allied revolutionary organizations of the NDFP are clandestine, illegal before the reactionary government and its military, police and paramilitary forces, but legal and accepted by the people. In the areas of the organs of political power of the revolutionary movement they are open among the people.

Here we are in the NDFP International Information Office. We provide information on the Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation. We organize forum, receive visitors from the Philippines and international friends and officials. We also organiza New Year’s celebrations inviting overseas Filipinos and other foreign friends.

Some meetings of the peace negotiations are also held here, since the NDFP is authorized by its allied member organizations to engage in peace talks with the reactionary government. Joma plays a very important role in these peace negotiations as the Chief Political Consultant of the NDFP.

So, friends and comrades, welcome to this NDFP International Information Office for this book launch of Joma’s latest book: Builing People’s Power.

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