Argentina: we repudiate the attempt to imprison social leaders

9/13/19 ILPS Statement ARGENTINE Chapter

We repudiate the attempt to imprison social leaders in struggle

After two days of mass camping in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires and in several provinces of the unemployed movement, where the national government demonstrates its inflexibility for those who have less, not only have not accessed those they represent but have tried unsuccessfully to evict them by force and now, suspended the measure, they intend to move forward with the judicialization of their leaders. Such is the case of the criminal complaint against fellow Oscar Kuperman, national spokesperson for the CUBa-MTR in the ILPS, accused of inciting violence. Far from intimidating us, we nourish ourselves with the strength of the hungry people and the solidarity of the popular forces in struggle. The fight plan will continue because the social situation that exists today is unbearable. We understand this within the provocations that have made references of the presindent Macri government of an executive determined not to give concrete and real answers to popular needs.

The only response that the government gives to the situation that it has generated is persecution and repression, the response of the people is more unitary, massive and combative struggle.

That is the spirit with which miles of comrades from CUBa-MTR and JR-CHE at ILPS have been and will be protagonists of the days against hunger, and repression of Macri and the IMF.

We demand:
🚩 Emergency increase for all social levels!
🚩 Immediate delivery of food for families and community kitchens!
🚩 NO to the causes and requests for imprisonment of our leaders!

If HUNGER is law, REBELLION is justice!!

International League of People Struggle

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