United States of America to step up its ‘domination of the Asia Pacific’

Indonesians protest against Obama visitBy ILPS Australia

The recent visit to Australia by the President of the United States of America was used as an opportunity to announce that the USA would step up its “military engagement” in the Asia Pacific in order to protect its economic interests. 

It announced that it would step up its use of Australia as a military base, making it clear that it was repositioning its global strategic emphasis from the Middle East to the Asia Pacific. The President of the USA used much of the usual rhetoric of the United States ruling class to try to explain his decisions on the Asia Pacific and the U.S. military in Australia , by claiming that they are about “protecting democracy”, “supporting economic growth in the region” and “competing with China”. This is so much cant and hypocrisy by the U.S.

The reasons for this U.S. repositioning are clear.

The first reason is the stubborn crisis of global capitalism, and particularly the acute crisis of the U.S. economy and politics. The second reason is the contention between the US ruling class and other competing centres of capitalism such as China, Russia, and others.

Demonstrating the breath taking arrogance of U.S. ruling circles the U.S. President demanded that China and others “comply with the rules”. The so called rules have made an utter mess of the global economy which is facing the worst crisis since the great depression. China and others would surely be stupid to comply with rules that benefit the richest and most powerful and force the mass of peoples to suffer.

The U.S. faces one of the worst crisis, if not its worst economic crisis ever. A massive deficit, huge unemployment with little growth, a population being robbed blind by the Banks and other sectors of big business, services to the American people being savagely cut, and two major wars in the Middle East which are intensifying the acute and unparalleled deficit problem.

Arising from this crisis the U.S. ruling circles are intensifying the drive for greater domination of world markets, greater control of the worlds minerals, greater control of the worlds sources of cheap labour, and greater control of the strategic parts of the world to ensure U.S. Imperialisms’ ongoing domination.

They claim to be repositioning in the Asia Pacific to protect democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Where ever U.S .forces are, they are used or threatened against peoples and governments if those people and governments choose to take their own path, to be independent and/or to make revolution against despots.

For example in the middle east the U.S. ruling circles give tacit support to the great peoples movements there in recent times, but only on the basis that whatever replaces the despots has to provide “continuity”, that is has to maintain the pro U.S .position of the replaced dictator, and to ensure that the interests of U.S. big business is protected from any change in social policy in the “change process”.

Egypt is a case in point.”Democracy” was and is alright, provided the Egyptian military takes over and provided the military ensures that the “change” ensures “continuity”.

Look at the history of US Imperialisms’ ongoing support for right wing despots and fascist tyrants throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America. They are backed by the U.S. military forces and other U.S. assets, against the people interests in those countries. The despots and fascist dictators are protected provided U.S. interests, centred on minerals extraction, cheap labour exploitation and strategic requirements, are protected.

The U.S. President was in Australia to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the ANSUS treaty. Under cover of this treaty Australia has been involved in most, if not all of the major wars of aggression since the Second World War. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, to mention a few that are well known and overt.

Under the treaty there is no guarantee the U.S. will involve itself in action to “protect” Australia or New Zealand and history teaches us that the US would only be involved if it suits their self interest. It is much more likely that the treaty will be used to demand Australia’s involvement in U.S. Imperialist wars whether the Australian People wanted that involvement or not , rather than the other way around.

Surely history has taught us this, has it not?

What Australia actually needs is an independent foreign policy and peaceful relations with its neighbours. This is particularly so in the era where it has become clear that our interests are very much based on the growing strength trade and influence of the emerging Asia Pacific powers and nations. The U.S. President’s provocation of China, and the concern at the U.S. moves by countries such as Indonesia should be a clear warning about the dangers of being further and further drawn into U.S. Imperialisms expansionism.

The Australian people should build the movement against foreign bases in Australia and demand that parliament reject these latest demands by U.S. Imperialism.

The slogan of “defending democracy“ has been used to justify wars which have resulted in the mass slaughter of innocent men, women and children. The Iraq war was a clear case. Lies were used by the authorities to justify the invasion (weapons of mass destruction, we are not on about regime change – remember this?) and the Iraqi people were slaughtered in their hundreds of thousands by the so called coalition of the willing. The Australian People opposed this war in massive numbers, the involvement in the war was never debated or considered by the elected Parliament and yet we were there and involved.

The world is changing and quickly. The people of the world are mobilising in massive numbers for change, for real peoples democracy ,for fair treatment, for independence ,for liberation ,for human rights .They are no longer willing to accept the brutal self interest of imperialism and its supporting governments that use all means fair and foul to protect its self interests.

The Australian Government in league with U.S .Imperialism is pushing against the inevitable tide of history. Eventually the people will prevail.

Len Cooper
Chairperson -ILPS Australia
Ph (61) 438 389302

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