We denounce the arbitrary and McCarthyite process against the persecution of the so-called Perseus Process in Peru.

Since March 10th of this year, the Peruvian authorities decided to resume the persecutory process against the important oppositional force in Peru; the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights.

The Peruvian authorities, like the previous ones, carry out a policy of hatred and revenge, against the opposition in Peru. The Peruvian judicial system serves this objective without respecting due process: the rule of law in Peru, violating the constitution, Peruvian laws, International Conventions, decisions of international institutions such as the United Nations, and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Needless to say, the Peruvian judicial system carries out a judicial process called Perseus, on the basis of the criminal law of the enemy, made since its inception, to destroy the important Peruvian opposition of the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights. In its last session on March 31st, numerous lawyers were prohibited from exercising the defence in this trial, imposing on the defendants’ public defenders who do not know the case. Not to mention the other violations of due process that have arisen since March 10.

The political plan mounted since 2014, which began with this process on April 9th of that year, was given with the direct public intervention of former President Obama, with the aim of disappearing Movadef. Since that date, every government in Peru has intervened directly and illegally within this persecutory process. Due to the resistance of the comrades in the Movadef, their energetic defence based on the right of guarantee, they have not yet managed to condemn them. Now they are trying to apply, what in Law is known as the right of the tyrant.

The objective, openly stated by the Peruvian authorities and the US government, is to eliminate socialist ideas in Peru. A country of geostrategic importance for the military plans of the Sixth Command of the US Armed Forces, it has also served the so-called Lima Group with interventions in the military coup against Evo Morales, and the military interventions in Venezuela against Nicaragua and Cuba. All within its preparations for World War 3.
Now the plan is to destroy Movadef and for this they require the Court in charge of the process to imprison as soon as possible all the comrades of Movadef, with sentences of possibly 15, 20, 25 years up to life imprisonment.

The Peruvian state has also issued the macabre law of disappearing the remains of those convicted upon their deaths, which the Nazi dictatorships and the Condor plan in Latin America did not do. At a time when the economic, social and political crisis in Peru is worsening, where hunger and poverty
are spreading, they want to prevent the social movement from resisting and protesting.

The Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights defends the social and fundamental rights of the Peruvian people and fights for a new Constitution that guarantees these rights. We denounce this plan of the Peruvian reaction and the US government to eliminate the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights.

We demand the removal of Judge Celinda Segura Salas and the members of the Perseus case for being partial to the plan to convict Movadef!

Down with the plan for destroying the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights of Peru!

Down with the plan to imprison Movadef comrades!

We denounce the Peruvian reaction and the plan of United States Imperialism against Movadef!

Let us demand respect for the rule of law in Peru, due process!

Down with the criminal law of the enemy used by the reaction and the judicial system in Peru!
Down with the macabre Law of disappearance of the remains of the dead fighters in Peru!

Freedom for the imprisoned Movadef leaders!

Long live the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights of Peru!

International Coordinator of Solidarity and for the Freedom of the Political and Revolutionary Prisoners of the World!

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