The Paris Commune: Its Continuing relevance to the workers’ movement

In commemoration of Paris Commune’s 150th year, the ILPS Europe Organizing Committee and ILPS Worker’s Commission, together with the International Migrants Alliance, present the “Paris Commune: Its Continuing Relevance to the Workers’ Movement”, a two-part webinar on the continuing legacy and significance of the Paris Commune to trade unions and peoples’ movements around the globe.

The first part of the webinar, hosted by the ILPS Europe Organizing Committee, will be held on 25 April 2021 (8 PM Hong Kong) and will focus on the Commune’s legacy from the perspective of European workers and peoples’ movement. The second part, hosted by the ILPS Workers’ Commission and International Migrants Alliance, will be held on 9 May 2021 (5 PM Hong Kong) with speakers from trade unions and migrants from Asia, Africa, and the Pacific.

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