Final Resolution for Workshop 1
Approved by the Plenary of the ILPS First International Assembly

May 25-27, 2001
Zutphen, The Netherlands

The cause of national liberation, democracy and social liberation against imperialism and all reaction

Victory against imperialism belongs to the people!

Today, we witness an undeniable resurgence in various forms of mass struggles against imperialism headed by the US. Oppressed and exploited peoples across the world now undertake huge demonstrations, strikes and campaigns against their single-biggest and common enemy. Imperialist barbarism and abuse have become so unbearable that big protests have rocked the imperialists in their own countries. In a significant number of countries, people are waging armed struggle against imperialism and its puppet regimes.

The main contradictions of imperialism as the highest stage of development of capitalism are sharpening. The contradictions between imperialism and the oppressed peoples, among the imperialist powers themselves, and between capitalists and labor, are intensifying. The unprecedented crisis arising out of all these conditions is clear proof that imperialism is moribund and decadent capitalism and that it has nothing to offer in the advancement of society.

It is under such conditions that imperialism, in order to shift the burden of the crisis upon the workers and oppressed peoples of the world, has resorted to new strategies to intensifying oppression in order to facilitate further exploitation. The imperialist-backed institutions such as the International Monetary Bank (IMF), World Bank (WB) and World Trade Organization (WTO) have become the tools of the added plunder of the colonial, semi-colonial and dependent countries.

US imperialism creates, props up, trains and arms reactionary military and police forces all over the world who help perpetuate the worldwide system of enslavement and oppression. In recent years, the US military aggression has included the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the amplification of the US-Japan Security Treaty through the New Defense Cooperation Guidelines and the forging of more Visiting Forces Agreements and other access arrangements in lieu of fixed military bases. Plan Columbia is the newest scheme of US military aggression.

Imperialism has intensified its efforts to pacify the people’s struggles. The low intensity war strategy patented by US imperialism and undertaken by US-trained fascist troops is a politico-military strategy aiming to isolate, eliminate and manipulate all forms of people’s struggle against oppression and imperialist domination. This strategy is applied in all fields of life including media, education and culture. The psychological, ideological, economic, legal and illegal, social and military aspects of this strategy are designed to isolate the most advanced sections of the people’s fighters from the masses and hence disarm the masses in the struggle for their liberation from imperialist yoke.

Examples of the application of this strategy such as depopulation and forced migration, extrajudicial killings and executions, rape of women, burning of villages, use of extreme violence, the use of terror laws to ban all forms of opposition, forced isolation of political prisoners, fuelling racism and xenophobia, inciting hatred amongst nations, are now evident all over the world, particularly in semi-colonial and dependent countries.

The world capitalist system has in the last 10-15 years plunged deeper into the crisis of overproduction and into unprecedented social and political turmoil. This belies the absurd claim that capitalism and liberal democracy mark the end of history.

While it still manages to unite the imperialist powers against peoples of the world, the US is increasingly in conflict with its allies for acting selfishly according to its own narrow interests. Especially since the collapse of the revisionist regimes and capitalist restoration in China, the inter-imperialist rivalry has worsened. Emergence of the European Union (EU) and the efforts of the US to convert the Americas into one common market, as well as Japanese imperialist manipulations in the Asia-Pacific region, are clear indications of the intensified inter-imperialist contradictions.

This is also manifest in the imperialist intervention and provocations in the strategically important regions like the Middle East, Palestine and the Balkans. The phenomenal growth of religious fundamentalism, ethnic rivalries and national chauvinism is a statement of imperialist designs to divide the people and to prevent them from waging real struggles against their oppressors.

The blatant and all-round attacks on the hard-won democratic and economic rights of the working people in the imperialist countries, in the form of assaults on trade unions, casualization of labor, growing unemployment, and the shrinking of social security entitlements, are expressions not of only the sharpening of wage labor/capital contradiction but also of inter-imperialist rivalry.

It is under such conditions that it raises such bogus ideas as “Globalism” and the New World Order are propagated in order to hide the decrepit nature of imperialism and to facilitate its continued domination of the world.

Globalization is imperialism. Globalization, as used by the monopoly bourgeoisie and its propagandists, is meant to negate the term imperialism and pass off monopoly capitalism as “free market” capitalism.

Hiding behind the signboard of “free market” globalization, the monopoly bourgeoisie has gone into the intensified and naked plunder of the world’s natural and social wealth. It makes use of the reactionary state which is completely under its command to accelerate the transfer of public resources to the monopoly firms and banks.

To accelerate the process of globalization, which the imperialists claim to be inevitable, they use the IMF, World Bank and the WTO to dictate on member states the neo-liberal policy of liberalization, deregulation and privatization extolling the preeminence of the “free market”. Regional trade agreements and imperialist-dictated integrations, such as the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), MERCOSUR, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Africa Trade and Development (ACTDA) and the European Union (EU), have been forged to accelerate the plunder of the human and natural resources of oppressed countries.

Under the neoliberal dogma, the state lays aside its social pretenses, takes back hard-won social benefits from the working class and the people, carries out attacks on workers’ rights and their wage and living conditions, and increases the tax burden. At the same time, it grants tax exemptions to the monopoly firms and banks, gives them generous state contracts and subsidies and allows them to destroy the livelihood of the people and their environment.

Imperialism masquerading as globalization results in the intensification to unprecedentedly intolerable levels of exploitation and oppression of the working class and peoples in the oppressed countries as well as the working people in the imperialist countries. It has aggravated the worst features of monopoly capitalism: unbridled profit-taking, sinking wage levels, mass unemployment, breakdowns in production, neglect of social services and the devastation of the environment.

Meanwhile social democratic governments in the last decade have accommodated the demand of monopoly capital to privatize, liberalize and deregulate at the expense of their working people.

The advancing struggle against imperialism and all reaction has taken various forms and has spread across the world. Outstanding examples are the raging people’s wars for national and social liberation in various countries. Millions of people worldwide have risen up in rallies against imperialist globalization in Seattle, Manila, Vancouver, Washington DC, Sydney, Prague, Okinawa, Quebec and all over Latin America, including the big demonstrations that directly challenged the IMF, World Bank and the WTO during their meetings. In Europe, the working masses and the youth struggle in defense of their social and democratic rights, as well as against imperialist EU. We also make mention the long and heroic defense by the Cuban and Palestinian peoples of their right to self-determination against US imperialist aggression and intervention.

The founding of the International League of Peoples Struggle at the start of the 21st century is historic.

The ILPS is inspired by the anti-imperialist and democratic mass struggles that have arisen since the beginning of the 20th century. It also reflects and draws strength particularly from the recent anti-imperialist and democratic mass struggles that have arisen in the five continents since the decade of the 1990s.

The ILPS answers the urgent need of the broad masses of the people for the creation of n international rallying force in the struggle for national independence, democracy and social liberation. It is their weapon against the intensifying exploitation and oppression unleashed by “free market” globalization and the new world disorder under the hegemony of US imperialism.

The ILPS is needed in order to raise the consciousness and militancy of the toiling masses and the middle social strata in the common struggle against the imperialists and their socio-economic, political and cultural instruments.

Towards these, the ILPS hereby resolves to:

  1. Actively defend and support all just struggles and anti-imperialist, democratic and revolutionary movements throughout the world.

  2. Encourage the broad unity of anti-imperialist forces in the international, regional and national levels.

  3. Strengthen the participation and leadership role of anti-imperialist forces in international fora and protest actions against globalization.

  4. Foster the effective exchange of experiences in mass struggles, campaigns and people’s movements against imperialist expansion under the guise of globalization.

  5. Launch coordinated campaigns at international and regional levels against IMF, WB, WTO, FTAA, APEC, EU, ATDA, NATO and US-Japan Security Treaty.

  6. Call for internationally-coordinated days of protest against imperialist acts of aggression and attacks.

  7. Propagate the ILPS’s anti-imperialist line and calls for concrete action through websites, and regular and timely bulletins.

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