The International League of Peoples Struggles (ILPS) wishes to congratulate the GSBI on its 22nd anniversary, and the ILPS gives its unqualified support to the struggles of the GSBI.

The Indonesian workers will celebrate the GSBI anniversary on the 24th March and the theme for the anniversary celebration is “ Strengthening and Expanding the GBSI Organization as the true power of The Labor Movement in Indonesia. The GSBI will carry out mass actions, education in factories, disseminate propaganda materials and hold cultural celebrations virtually.

The future for all workers everywhere depends on the militant struggles waged by their unions and the program and activities of the GSBI are a fine example. On a global scale, including in Indonesia, imperialism and its local lackeys are pursuing a program of reducing workers wages and conditions, and attacking their democratic and human rights. The GSBI and its members are resisting these attacks and the ILPS supports the Indonesian workers resistance to these attacks.

The ILPS wishes you every victory in your struggles and congratulates you on the 22nd anniversary of your organization.

Long live the militant struggles of the Indonesian people!

Long live international solidarity!


Len Cooper

International Chairperson ILPS

March 2021

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