No to the declaration of the state of emergency imposed by Lenin Moreno!
Down with the IMF’s neoliberal measures!

The neoliberal policy of President Lenin Moreno and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are the main causes of the economic and political crisis that is happening in Ecuador. These measures have been felt in the price increase of fuel and all basic necessities, tax increases, the elimination of basic workers’ rights such as wage cuts, wage reductions, reduction of holidays and the authorization of mass terminations without compensation; these are all part of the impositions known as “Paquetazo/ Package”.

In the face of this, the Ecuadorian people, the working class, through their various organizations, have been denouncing the Pacquetazo for several months. Despite this, the government of Lenin Moreno, maintained and strengthened the implementation of these measures in recent weeks; which led to a general strike by various organizations, trade unions, popular, indigenous and student organizations, starting on October 3.

On the same day, the government responded with a declaration of the State of Exception (cancellation of the rights of organization, meeting and demonstration), declared for 60 days, and the order for the armed forces and police to crack down on the strike. This repressive measure has already had dire results; so far more than 8 people have been killed, more than 800 have been arrested and thousands injured.

However, the strike and the people’s rebellion continue. Throughout the country there have been strong clashes with police forces and the army. The Ecuadorian working class and people have a willingness to fight and have not reversed their demand but rather redouble their plan of unity struggle. Given the recent escape from Moreno to the city of Guayaquil, the product of the massive popular siege in the capital Quito, a regional mobilization is being called towards this city and if the demands are not met, the peasant movement will reinforce the blockade towards the stoppage total, without arrival of merchandise to the big cities. To this is added, throughout the country the call for a general strike for Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 by a unified front of organizations in struggle. While the reactionary government, refugee in the south of the country, intends to become strong with businessmen and corrupt armed forces under the tutelage of the US and the IMF, in the streets and routes the rebel people fight “Until the pack and the government of Lenin Moreno, fall.”

In this context, the Latin American Interim Committee of the International League for the Fight of Peoples (ILPS) expressed our full support for the just struggle of the Ecuadorian people, re-re-enactment of the measures of an imperialist nature of the IMF’s measures and the government of Lenin Moreno; so immediately we demand that the cancellation of the State of Exception, the return of the army to the barracks, the freedom of all political prisoners and the halt to the repression against the Ecuadorian people, compensate for the harm to the families of the wounded and killed.

We call on the trade unions, social and political organizations of all the Peoples of the World to stand in solidarity with the General Strike and the struggle of the Ecuadorian people.

Latin America Provisional Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS)
October 10, 2019

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