Strive for greater victories! – New Year’s message from ILPS Chairperson

New Year Message of Prof. Jose Maria Sison,
Chairperson of International League of Peoples´ Struggle
January 1, 2018

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As Chairperson of the International League of Peoples´ Struggle, I wish to congratulate you for all the efforts that you have exerted and the victories that you have won in the anti-imperialist and democratic struggles in the past year and wish you greater victories in 2018.

Since its founding in 2001, the ILPS has grown in strength and played a major role in struggle against the US as the No. 1 imperialist power. It has contributed significantly to the arousal, organization and mobilization of the people against imperialism and all reaction and has seen how the US has abused its position as sole superpower and thereby accelerated its own strategic decline.

Even the Pentagon strategic analysts admit that the US has entered its so-called post-primacy period. It is still the No. 1 military power among the imperialists but its economic power is in conspicuous strategic decline. Although still a major capitalist power in a multipolar world, it can no longer unilaterally dictate its terms on other capitalist powers.

Let us observe how the changing balance of forces among the imperialist forces results in intensified contradictions among themselves. They can collude at times to take advantage of the less developed countries but the crisis of global capitalism always drives them to contend with each other over economic territory, especially where human and natural resources are cheap and the markets and fields of investment are highly profitable.

We are most concerned about the oppression and exploitation that the people suffer under all circumstances and how they must struggle in order to secure better conditions and a better future. The ILPS is more than ever determined to arouse, organize and mobilize the people on 17 social concerns.

We exist and work in the imperialist and non-imperialist countries, especially those subjected to imperialist plunder and war. We stand with the working class in the struggle against the monopoly bourgeoisie and with the oppressed peoples and nations against imperialism. We take advantage of the struggle among the imperialist power and turn the imperialist war into a revolutionary war.

We must continue to build and strengthen our national chapters by bringing together the mass organizations of workers, peasants, intelligentsia, women, youth, professionals, cultural workers and other major sectors of society. The ILPS is by itself a solid alliance in every country. But it must further ally itself with other forces that fight imperialism and all reaction. At the international level, the ILPS is also open to alliance with all other anti-imperialist and democratic forces.

We look forward to achieving ever greater victories this year in activities and campaigns of political education, solid mass organizing and militant struggles against imperialism and reaction in order to uphold, defend and promote the people´s rights to national independence, democracy, social justice, economic development., cultural progress, international solidarity and peace.

Prof. Jose Maria Sison
International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples´ Struggle

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