Chairman, Front Mahasiswa Nasional

US Imperialism is endlessly interfering and interventing the democratic goverment of a Country. This shown by The US attempt to provoke interal affairs situation of Venezuelan goverment under the leadership of Nicolas Maduro who’s elected democratically to continuing Hugo Chaves’s anti-imperialism struggles. US Goverment labelling Maduro’s administration as violance to Human Rights and a Threat to National Security.

The US Imperialism itself is the one being threatening and intervening Venazuelan’s internal affairs through its reactionary instruments by funding their local accomplice to perform a sabotage or by manipulating political and economical situation to rising up social conflict in order to thrown over Maduro’s administration. This interventions measure by US Imperialism had become a schemes often run as well as in countries in Asian, Middle East, and even when the dark history of Soeharto’s age of facist regime rules in Indonesia

People and goverment of The Venezuelan have the sovereign right to self-determination. Venezuelan goverment also have the right to resisting US provocations that trying to taking over Venezuela by any tricky means to overthrowing Maduro and looking forward to developing its puppet regime in Venezuela. US Imperialism once again shows the effort to dominating the world by any means as rising the Democratics and Human Rights issues, War against Terrorist, aggression, or by undertake conspirations manner with local reactionary accomplices to gave birth to its puppet regime as occured in Venezuela these days.

Therefore, we of the Centre Administrations of Front Mahasiswa Nasional give our supports for The Venezuelan people to fight against interventioning and interfering by the US Imperialist attempt to overthrow Nicolas Maduro’s administration. Because independence and sovereignty is a right to all people of the world to resist the US Imperialism dominance. FMN’s Statement : Stop US Imperialist Intervention on The Venezuelan Democratics Goverments

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