Stop Oil Price Hike! SBY-Budiono peoples’ enemy!

ILPS Indonesia

Government plan to revoke fuel subsidize is being rejected by the Indonesian peoples. International League of Peoples Struggle-Indonesia Chapter (ILPS Indonesia) mobilized its members to expose and oppose this scheme. It is national scale mobilization not less than 29.960 peoples are mobilized by Peoples Struggle Front (Front Perjuangan Rakyat) and ILPS Indonesia and still not included the partial mobilizations. Government office, parliament buildings are targeted for this national people protest.

The scheme to revoke fuel subsidies, because the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Budiono (SBY-Budiono) administration feels the subsidies will become the burden for 2012 national budget and can cause for bankruptcy. The government think oil price in international already rise become 122 US$ per barrel, while in oil price ceiling in Indonesia National Budget is 90 US$ per barrel therefore at the national level the government need to rise the oil price. This situation already made Indonesia peoples sees that, Indonesia as a country who have oil, still do not have sovereignty before the monopoly capitalist on oil, while the regime made many concessions with foreign company like Chevron, Exxon, Shell and others which extract Indonesian oil. SBY-Budiono is a comprador regime!

This is irrational, the government still insists to raise oil price, where the worst implication is the daily need and goods of the peoples become expensive, the price of daily need and goods already rise, and later will raise more after the government decide to do it Rudy HB Daman, ILPS Indonesia.

On Friday (30/3) Indonesian parliament was hold a session to decide whether the national budget will accommodate the oil price hike or not. While parliament members playing manipulative words inside, in the front of parliament building thousands of working class and student held protest to push parliament to reject oil price hike in the 2012 national budget bill. It was bloody protest, not less then 30 peoples are arrested, shots, and beaten by the police. The government already exposed his true face as a fascist regime and comprador.

at national scale 203 peoples members of Peoples Struggle Front are arrested, but this will not stop us, will keep rally to protest this decision Rudy said

It was predictable the parliament, for countless many times betraying his voters, the parliament come up with vague decision, where they reject oil price hike on 1 April, but when international oil price already raise up to 15 percent, the government can raise the oil price. Indonesian parliament is full of bureaucrat capitalist, that serve the reactionary regime. On Sunday (1/4) Peoples Struggles Front and ILPS Indonesia went to rally again in the front Presidential Palace.

SBY-Budiono is comprador of Imperialist, they consolidate the land lord and comprador bourgeoisie to oppressed the peoples, but they will found in every corner of this country peoples are stand up against them, these past days mobilizations already proved that to us, we are optimist, the mass movement will getting bigger and prepare for the decisive moment when its come!

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