Commission 4 of the International League of Peoples’ Struggles (ILPS) supports renewed calls for action to protest the military assaults on Yemen and the imposition of the brutal and unjust economic blockade against the Yemeni people. Commission 4 is concerned with the struggle for just peace against wars of aggression and counter -revolution and all weapons of mass destruction. We joined in the global day of action against the bombing of Yemen on January 25, 2021. A year later, the aggression continues.

There had already been years of internal conflict when Saudi Arabia launched its military campaign against Yemen in 2015. The pretext was retaliation for a Yemeni armed faction’s hit on a Saudi Arabian target. An anti-Yemen coalition formed involving the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Though not officially members of this coalition, Israel and NATO countries are supporting Saudi Arabia militarily. Canadians have opposed the scandalous sale of armed vehicles to Saudi Arabia, for example. Saudi Arabia has also led an economic blockade against Yemen, multiplying the suffering experienced by civilian Yemenis.

A UN report released on December 6, 2021 stated that deaths to Yemenis directly resulting from this war would likely reach 377,000 by the end of that year. Humanitarian organizations cited the worst crisis in the world as of last year, decrying the blockade as it is depriving the people of necessary good including food and medical supplies.

Saudia Arabian-led forces heavily bombed Yemen on January 31, 2022, prompting a wave of response on the part of concerned observers in many countries. A national day of action is planned for March 1st in the US, which will be accompanied by demonstrations in several cities of Canada the same day. Meanwhile, US activists are pushing for the approval of the “War Powers Resolution” in the US Congress, as it would commit the US government to stop monetary and military aid and arms sales to Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners. To this end, activists have been engaging in letter and social media barrages and gathering at the offices of Houses of Representatives. ILPS Commission 4 wholeheartedly supports all these initiatives that could bring relief to the people of Yemen and get its assailants to back down. We encourage ILPS and allied organizations to join in and signal their own messages of protest in ways they can.

Stop the war on Yemen!

Humanitarian aid now!

End the economic blockade!

Unite the people against aggression and WMD!

Build the  people’s movement for just peace!

Oppose militarism and fascism!

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