Stand in solidarity with the workers and people of India!

Photo from www.straitstimes.comMessage of Solidarity from the Kilusang Mayo Uno

We, of the Philippines’ genuine, militant and anti-imperialist labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno, express our warm solidarity with the workers and people of India who are holding the biggest strike in the history of their country.

The workers of India are showing the world a remarkable unity – cutting across the public sector, banks, ports and docks, railways, insurance, road transport, energy workers, miners, and aviation workers – in launching a militant action.

Today, they are joining hands and linking arms for wage increase, pensions, job security, and democratic rights that are under attack from imperialists and the ruling classes of India.

The global financial and economic crisis, the explosion of which was accelerated by rabidly pro-capitalist neoliberal policies, not only made the ruling elites of the US and Europe richer. It also further enriched the ruling elite of India. They have raked in huge profits, while hundreds of millions in India suffer from extreme poverty.

Imperialist and corporate-owned mass media has been portraying India as a country on the verge of economic takeoff because of its government’s compliance with the dictates of financial oligarchs and monopoly capitalists. The message of the workers and people of India, however, is loud and clear:  Hunger, exploitation, oppression, and repression are intensifying in India. There is really no development under the rule of neoliberal policies. Enough is enough!

We condemn the government of India for its puppetry to US and European imperialists. The Indian government has authorized India’s participation in joint exercises with the US and European countries and has made India one of the world’s biggest importers of military equipment. Everyday, India’s militarist government carries out violations of workers’ and people’s rights in the country, in surrounding territories fighting for self-determination, and in South Asia in general. Instead of using the people’s resources to create jobs, boost agriculture, provide social services, it has channeled funds to support imperialists’ ongoing wars of aggression.

We are calling on the workers and people of all countries to unite with the workers and people of India in their fight for significant wage increase, regular jobs, the protection of pensions and other benefits, and the building and strengthening of democratic unions. Let us unite with them in their struggle for democratic rights. The workers and the people will gain victories with united, sustained and militant mass actions and struggles.

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