Issued by the Office of the Chairperson,
International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
June 10. 2019

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) raises its fist in militant salute to, and expresses its solidarity with, the people of Sudan who are holding various forms of mass protests – strikes, general strikes, sit-ins, mass demonstrations, civil disobedience – in fighting for civilian rule and genuine change in their country.

We salute their collective actions that have intensified since increases in bread prices in December 2018 and resulted in the ouster in April 11 of former president and dictator Omar al-Bashir who ruled the country for 30 years. The ouster of the al-Bashir regime is a victory of the people of Sudan and serves as a warning to all neo-colonial and repressive regimes that they cannot rule forever.

It is the people’s protests that isolated the al-Bashir regime, emboldened the military to hold a coup, and forced foreign powers supporting the regime to drop it like a hot potato. We uphold the Sudanese people’s right to overthrow the al-Bashir regime, which is guilty of extreme puppetry to the US; genocide and extreme repression of the people; death of Sudanese soldiers sent to foreign wars; anti-people economic policies; among other crimes.

We support the people of Sudan and their mass protests against the military junta named the Transitional Military Council (TMC) that replaced the al-Bashir regime and is led by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. We support their call for the immediate institution of a civilian government in the country. We condemn the military junta for taking advantage of the victory of the Sudanese people and trying to entrench itself in power by using violence against the protestors.

We stand with the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces (DFCF), the alliance of political parties, unions and associations leading the protests which include the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) and the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP). The proper role of the military in situations like these is withdrawal of support from the former regime and support for civilian rule.

It is clear from the actions of the al-Burhan military junta that it wants to maintain itself in power, silence the protests, and claim for itself the victory of the Sudanese people. We condemn the spate of violence that the military junta has inflicted on the peaceful protests being waged by the people of Sudan. We bewail the shooting of peaceful protesters since May, especially the June 3 massacre that killed more than 120 people and injured 700 others, and that was marred by cases of rape and sexual assaults.

We also condemn the violent dispersal of sit-in protests in more than 13 other cities in the country. We condemn the imprisonment of hundreds of activists, including spokesmen of opposition groups and call for their immediate and unconditional release. We likewise condemn the attacks on health professionals who were tending to the victims of the repression.

We join the DFCF and other forces in pointing to General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, TMC vice-president, as leader of the violent attacks. We condemn Daglo who leads the dreaded paramilitary group Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – which has absorbed fighters used by al-Bashir in committing genocide in Darfur – for ordering the paramilitaries to commit attacks on protestors. We condemn the RSF for the deadly June 3 attacks on a protest camp in Khartoum. We denounce the al-Burhan military junta for praising the RSF in the aftermath of these disgusting attacks.

We support the African Union’s decision to suspend Sudan’s membership following the June 3 massacre and in putting pressure on the military junta to hand over power to a civilian-led authority. Its demands are just: that civilians be protected and human rights and freedoms be upheld by the military and police authorities in the country.

We are one with the people of Sudan in calling for justice for the deaths. There should be an independent international investigation into the attacks and those involved should be prosecuted and punished for their crimes. The political prisoners must be released unconditionally and the Internet and press ban should be lifted. The RSF should be withdrawn from the streets, disbanded and its weapons should be surrendered to the military. At the same time, the country should be demilitarized and all military obstacles to the protests and the people’s movement should be removed.

We condemn the US and Britain, foreign powers who are supporting the TMC military junta in the latter’s effort to maintain its rule on the country. Through their allies Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt, these imperialist powers are manoeuvring to maintain control over Sudan. They are the same foreign powers that supported the al-Bashir regime for decades. They want continued control over the country’s rich petroleum resources and to use the country for their intensifying geopolitical struggles.

We are one with the people of Sudan in desiring and fighting for a government that will bring back democracy in their country and carry out genuine change in the country. We support them in fighting to install a civilian government composed of the political forces that fought the al-Bashir regime and are fighting the al-Burhan military junta. We are calling on all individuals and organizations supportive of struggles against imperialism and for national liberation and socialism to express solidarity with the people of Sudan and support their demands in the life-and-death struggle that they are now waging.

We are optimistic that these struggles will further strengthen the anti-imperialist and progressive movement in Sudan, and that the accumulated strength will be used to advance the Sudanese peoples’ struggle for genuine development, national freedom, democracy and socialism.

Stop the killings, stop the repression of the Sudanese people’s protests!
No to military junta, yes to civilian government in Sudan!
Support the Sudanese people’s fight for democracy and genuine change!
Prosecute and punish the butchers of the Sudanese people!
Long live the people and people’s movement in Sudan!

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