Solidarity message to the people’s struggle against plan to construct US base in Ukawa

Chairperson, International League of Peoples’ Struggle

We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, stand in solidarity with the AWC- Kyoto (Asia-Wide Campaign Against US-Japanese Aggression and Domination of Asia), the Kyoto Coalition, the Kinki Coalition, and the Japanese people against the building of the new US base in Ukawa district, Kyotango-city, Kyoto, and against the deployment of the X-band radar base and its related facilities as essential part of the US Missile Defense network in East Asia in connivance with the Japanese government.

We strongly support the rally and march to be held in Kyoto on 20 April 2014, in order to demonstrate the opposition of the broad masses of the people against the new US base and the US X-band radar base.

We wish this protest mass action to achieve the utmost success. May this be the first of a series of protest mass actions by the Japanese people to fight and defeat this new US base project and the war plans of US imperialism and its Japanese puppets.

Down with US imperialism and its Japanese puppets!
Fight against the US war machine and its bases!
Long live the Japanese people and international solidarity!


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