Solidarity message to Pemuda Baru Indonesia (PEMBARU)

Prof. Jose Maria Sison
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
March 25, 2018

On behalf of the leadership and entire membership of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), I extend my warmest and most militant greetings of solidarity to Pemuda Baru Indonesia (PEMBARU) on the occasion of its founding congress on March 25-27, 2018 with the theme:” To Build a National Democratic Youth Organization to Advance Youth and People’s Struggle.”

The youth has always played an important role in progressive movements fighting for societal change throughout the world. That is why the founding congress of Pemuda Baru Indonesia is a welcome development in the struggle of the Indonesian youth as well as the struggle of the Indonesian people for national freedom and democracy against imperialism and local reaction.

The youth in Indonesia comprises a big majority of the Indonesian people. Armed with progressive ideas and strong organization, they can be a powerful force for social change and progress.

As in many countries in the world ruled by the monopoly capitalists in industrial countries and their local reactionary counterparts in semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries like Indonesia, the youth are exploited and oppressed together with the rest of the broad masses of the people of workers, peasants and the petty-bourgeoisie.

In Indonesia, a big number of the youth especially those from worker and peasant families do not have access to higher education. Many of them are forced to work at an early age to help their families to survive.

They compose the majority of the labor force. The big number lining up for jobs pushes down the wage level. It is said that 58 % or 72 million work in the underground economy. Even those working in the formal economy do not have security of tenure and social security.

The founding congress of Pemuda Baru Indonesia is therefore timely. It is the brilliant product of years of struggle of the youth in Indonesia and now it is time to further consolidate the organization in preparation for the struggles ahead.

The theme of your congress correctly sets the line of advance. You fight for the national and democratic rights and interests of the youth and as well as of the entire people. Indeed, the youth must fight for their own sectoral rights and interests and at the same time fight together with the workers, peasants and petty-bourgeoisie for the national and democratic rights and interests of the entire people.

We, in ILPS, wish you success in your congress and more victories in your struggles ahead. ILPS is ever ready to extend its solidarity and support to you and the struggles of the rest of the Indonesian people.

Long live PEMBARU and the entire Indonesian youth!
Down with imperialism and local reaction!
Long live the Indonesian people!
Long live international solidarity!

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