Solidarity message on 1st death anniversary of President Hugo Chavez

Message of solidarity with the Venezuelan people and government on the first death anniversary of President Hugo Chavez

(Photos from the forum on Venezuela held at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, 18 March, with the Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.)

The Philippine-Bolivarian Venezuela Friendship Association, the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN, New Patriotic Alliance), ILPS-Philippines, and their allied and member organizations, join the Venezuelan people in solidarity as they commemorate the first death anniversary of President Comandante Hugo Chavez Frias.

We remember and honor the late President Chavez for leading the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela with vision, firmness and courage. President Chavez fully relied on and organized the Venezuelan masses to implement sweeping political and socio-economic reforms that benefit the people, and against the machinations of US imperialism and its stooges aimed at undermining and overthrowing the Chavez government and derailing and defeating the Bolivarian revolution.

We recognize the outstanding and leading role of President Chavez in building and strengthening friendship and cooperation among the Latin-American countries and peoples and in promoting their common national and regional political, social and economic interests especially against the impositions and inroads of imperialist powers.

We salute the Venezuelan people and government for your vigilance, courage and resolve in fighting and frustrating the vile attempts of local reactionary Oppositionists with the instigation and backing of US imperialism, to subvert and overthrow the Maduro government, a government that the sovereign people of Venezuela had duly elected and mandated to preserve and continue the gains achieved under the leadership of President Chavez.

It is no accident or coincidence that one year after the beloved leader of the Venezuelan revolution passed away, these reactionary forces are once again attempting to foment violence and disorder in order to weaken the Venezuelan government, seize political power through a coup d’etat and reverse the victories of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.

They have erroneously estimated that without President Chavez, the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela will weaken in a short while, and can be brought down with destabilizing measures such as rumors of shortages, inciting riots and other violent “protest” actions. That with their leader gone, the Venezuelan people will easily forget or shed off the values and principles instilled in them by the Revolution and cast away the goals of achieving democracy, progress and peace under Socialism. That if a coup is launched against the Bolivarian Revolutionary Government, the people will do nothing to protect or defend it and will instead meekly sit and watch, and accept a new regime even if it is reactionary and subservient to US imperialism.

The past year under the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro has proven the local reactionaries and US imperialists grossly mistaken. President Maduro took over the reins of government upon the death of President Chavez on 5 March 2013, and was elected President of Venezuela on 14 April 2013. He ably continued the Bolivarian social policies and programs aimed at improving the lives of the people, especially the workers and peasants, adhered to nationalist economic policies while resisting imperialist neoliberal impositions, and addressed the security and criminality problems.

Thus, the local reactionaries and their US imperialist masters plotted to foment unrest and violence to set the stage for another coup d’etat similar to the failed April 2002 coup attempt. However, as in 2002, the Venezuelan people have risen up as one and responded to the Bolivarian Revolutionary Government’s call for the people to defend the gains of the Revolution.

We, the undersigned organizations, comprise a wide cross section of the Filipino people who share with the Venezuelan people common features in our history, traditions and cultural heritage. We share as well a common aspiration for a world where no country or people can oppress and exploit another, and where peoples can live and prosper together in peace, friendship and harmony.

Thus we admire and respect the unity, courage and patriotism of the Venezuelan people and are inspired by your victories and advances. We firmly stand in solidarity with your struggles to resist US imperialist intervention and frustrate the schemes of local reactionaries to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution. Your victories are also ours.

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution!
Long live the Venezuelan and Filipino peoples!

28 February 2014
Philippine-Bolivarian Venezuelan Friendship Association
Bagong Alyansang Makabayan
International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS)-Philippine Chapter
La Solidaridad
Kilusang Mayo Uno
Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas


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