Rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered and queer people against discrimination, intolerance and homophobia

Resolution for Concern #18

We, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and LGBTQ advocates, delegates of the Fourth International Assembly of the International League of Peoples’ Struggles (ILPS) affirm our staunch anti-imperialist stand and offer our contribution to the League’s just struggle against imperialism.  

We, like other sectors represented in this League, are primarily defined by our social class. Majority of us come from the exploited and oppressed classes in society, and we come from various cultures, traditions, races and creed, and we make up a minimum of 10% of the world’s population. We are in all sectors of society. According to United Nations statistics, there are more LGBTQ people in the world than there are caucasian people. Some of us are out and many of us are not.

Besides the common economic and social problems that we encounter in society, we are further burdened by a particular form of oppression called homophobia. For example, in 12 countries in the world, LGBTQ people have been executed for being gay, in 22 other countries people can be imprisoned for being gay. In many countries, there is public shaming and violent hate crimes that are often ignored or minimized by state institutions. Most countries do not have hate crime legislation that protects LGBTQ rights.  

Much of the violence and oppression directed towards LGBTQ communities primarily comes from imperialist forces, who dictate social norms of sexuality and gender which causes the further marginalization of LGBTQ people. LGBTQ people are often recipients of state-sponsored repression, the lack of civil status, and are increasingly the targets of religious fundamentalist attacks. 

While we can support civil liberties for marriage equality and rights to serve in an imperialist military, our efforts should be focused on underreported issues of our own marginalized LGBTQ communities that need resolution.

By the League’s inclusion of the LGBTQ concern, the role of the LGBTQ community has been recognized as a potential potent force in the anti-imperialist formations and struggle, and the problem of homophobia is regarded as a peoples’ issue and not just the exclusive domain and burden of the LGBTQ community. We share a common vision with other anti-imperialists for a just society, with dignity and respect for all. We affirm that LGBTQ rights are human rights!

In our pursuit of the anti-imperialist struggle under the banner of the ILPS, we resolve to:

  1. Oppose the exploitation and oppression against LGBTQ people and to institute and pursue measures and programs aimed towards the elimination of homophobia in all of its forms;

  2. Actively pursue the LGBTQ struggle within an anti-imperialist framework for the eventual emancipation of the majority from the tyranny of the few. Only the dismantling of the oppressive structures will provide the condition for the majority of peoples, including the LGBTQ community, to live in a just and humane society;

  3. We join forces with people who struggle for a free society, where every individual can be productive forces of society and reach for one’s full humanity regardless of one’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

Working towards the realization of our above resolutions, we shall undertake the following in the coming three years:

  1. Develop a functioning secretariat comprised of representatives from each ILPS chapter, who will establish objectives, lines of communication and a plan of action.

  2. Make full use of social media (including Facebook, Twitter, etc.) where we, the LGBTQ and LGBTQ-advocates of this Assembly can have a medium for: a) idea-exchange and communication in order to sustain our above resolutions; b) conceptualization and formation of concrete actions and programs to be undertaken within the next three years; and c) sharing of particular cases and LGBTQ issues that we face in our respective national and/or regional settings;

  3. Organize other LGBTQ forces and individuals to support national liberation and anti-imperialist struggle, and increase our numbers and our organizations for the next-scheduled assembly of the League.

  4. Have a visible presence in Gay Pride activities as well as other mobilization efforts in our respective areas.

  5. Address violence against LGBTQ people, including state-sponsored executions and hate crimes.

  6. Advocate for health care, with a focus on HIV treatment and prevention, and transgender-sensitive services.

  7. Oppose job discrimination and exploitation, especially for LGBTQ migrant workers who experience several forms of discrimination.

  8. Advocate for immigrant rights, especially keeping LGBTQ families together despite immigration and civil status.

  9. Provide education and resources for LGBTQ youth to prevent teen suicides, which are four times higher than average.

  10. Prioritize for LGBTQ rights along anti-imperialist lines and for social liberation.

  11. Provide educational materials regarding LGBTQ issues and concerns for ILPS members and its leadership.

We call on member organizations of the ILPS to set up support groups for   LGBTQ members and advocates within their organizations so as to strengthen the anti-imperialist stand of LGBTQ individuals and to expand the struggle to end discrimination against women and men with different sexual orientation and gender identity.

LGBTQ rights are human rights!

We are out. We are proud. We are queer. We will never disappear!

We are out. We are proud to be in the anti-imperialist united front!

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