Resolutions on Concern 1: The cause of national liberation, democracy and social liberation against imperialism and all reaction

Intensify the people’s resistance and strengthen solidarity!

Carry forward the struggle for national liberation, democracy and social liberation!

Amid the worsening, protracted world capitalist crisis and imperialist wars, ILPS Commission 1 calls on the oppressed and exploited peoples of the world to intensify the struggle for national liberation, democracy and social liberation. We call on the people to wage and expand militant struggles and to strengthen solidarity among the various groups and movements asserting national sovereignty, democratic rights and social justice.

As the crisis intensifies, so do the contradictions between imperialism and the oppressed and exploited peoples in the colonies and neo -colonies as well as the class contradictions within the imperialist countries themselves. Also intensifying are the contradictions among the imperialist powers trying to re-divide the world as well as the contradictions between the imperialist powers and the countries asserting their national sovereignty against imperialist impositions.

The imperialist powers led by the US are aggressively pushing neo -liberal economic policies through the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation to shift the burden of the economic crisis on the oppressed peoples in the underdeveloped countries. They are destroying domestic economies and people’s livelihoods through liberalization, deregulation, privatization and denationalization. In developed countries, the imperialist powers have resorted to greater austerity and other social cut backs that have only worsened the crisis. These policies and measures have only served to underscore the utter bankruptcy of the current world capitalist system and the need for socialism as the alternative.

In this multipolar world, the US has relied on its military might to advance its economic and political agenda. It has waged armed aggression and military intervention against sovereign countries in various parts of the world. It engages in direct military intervention as well as sponsors reactionary and counter-revolutionary groups such as the ISIS/ISIL to achieve its imperialist objectives. The US also sponsors and funds brutal counter-insurgency campaigns carried out by its puppet governments in different parts of the world. The US also enforces economic sanctions and embargos against countries asserting their sovereignty and resisting US impositions.

There are intensifying contradictions between the US and its allies on one hand and the rivals such as Russia and China on the other. The increased entanglements are taking place in the Middle East, in Europe, Africa and East Asia. The US has also undertaken armed aggression in Libya and Syria, destabilizing these countries and creating the basis for one of the worst refugee crises in recent history. A result of US aggression and intervention has been the rise of reactionary groups such as ISIS/ISIL which add to the carnage in the region and threaten the imperialist powers even in their own countries.

Amid the world disorder and degradation created by imperialism, the people have fought back, availing of all forms of struggles; such as parliamentary, legal, militant mass protest actions and revolutionary armed struggle. The past four years since the last ILPS assembly, people’s resistance to imperialism and for national sovereignty, social justice and democracy have spread throughout the different continents. The imperialist powers have unleashed the worst forms of fascist attacks and counter-revolutionary violence against the just struggles of the exploited and oppressed peoples worldwide.

Only the people’s struggle can end the crisis and global disorder, and pave the way for a socially just and peaceful world. Only the people’s organized resistance and solidarity can stop the escalating imperialist plunder, terror and war.

We condemn the continuing US-Zionist attacks on the Palestinian people. We call for an end to the illegal occupation of all Palestinian lands by Israel and a stop to US funding for the Zionist troops. We affirm the Palestinian people’s right to return and the full liberation of Palestine. We offer our solidarity with and continuing support for the Palestinian people’s courageous resistance against Israel and Zionism. We also recognize that the impoverishment, dictatorship, repression, sectarianism, civil wars, and state violence in South West Asia and North Africa are direct outcomes of Zionism and its goal to destabilize the region. Consequently, the liberation of Palestine is impossible without the liberation of all the people’s of Southwest Asia and North Africa.

We denounce the US agenda of “regime change” in Syria, and other countries in Africa and West Asia through direct military aggression and the use of reactionary and counter-revolutionary groups such as ISIS. We call for a stop to US armed aggression and the destruction of Syrian society which has given rise to hundreds of thousands of refugees now trying to enter Europe.

We express our steadfast solidarity with the heroic Kurdish resistance in the frontlines of Kobane and other areas in their life and death struggle against the advance of ISIS forces in Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan. We call on the Turkish government to lift sanctions on Rojava and open a humanitarian corridor to allow the rebuilding of the city of Kobane.

We condemn in the strongest terms the bomb attacks on the October 10 Kurdish peace rally in Turkey, the November 13 bombing in Beirut, Lebanon and the November 14 shootings in Paris, all of which are being blamed on ISIS.

We join the world in condemning the continuing US armed intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen. The US through the use of drones and other air assets has committed numerous war crimes in targeting civilians and civilian facilities in the conduct of its war on terror. The latest horrific US airstrike destroyed an MSF-operated hospital in Afghanistan, killing medical staff and patients. The US must be made accountable for its war crimes. Earlier, US ally Saudi Arabia was also accused of bombing another hospital in Yemen.

We condemn the US-NATO expansion and provocations along the borders of Russia and instigation of neo -fascist forces in Ukraine. The US seeks to economically undermine and disrupt Russia by fomenting tension in neighboring countries. We stand with the people of Novorossiya, including Donetsk and Lugansk in their fight for freedom from the US-backed fascist regime in Ukraine.

We note that the US and China are competing to gain the upper hand in Africa. We denounce US military intervention in Africa through the US Africa Command as well as the efforts of the US to gain control of the continent and its vast resources. We call for an end to the US-backed sanctions on Zimbabwe and Eritrea and the occupation of Eritrean lands by the US-backed Ethiopian regime. We support the democratic struggles of the people of South Africa against neoliberal economic impositions.

We demand an end to the intervention and occupation of Haiti; and that the United Nations admit responsibility and pay reparations for bringing cholera to that nation. We demand an end to the decades -long US blockade against Cuba. We support aspirations for independence from the United States by the people of Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

We support the strikes and mass protest actions carried out by the workers, youth and people of various countries in Europe against the brutal, anti-democratic austerity measures and social cutbacks. We raise our fists in solidarity with the struggles of the people of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the United Kingdom and other countries where demonstrations have been held recently. The anti -democratic and brutal austerity measures have underscored the necessity of the socialist alternative to moribund monopoly capitalism.

The US is also the biggest threat to regional peace in Asia. We oppose the US strategic pivot to Asia that seeks to maintain its hegemony in the region, contain the rise of China and establish military bases throughout the region and undermine the sovereignty and economies of the host countries. We call for the removal of the US bases in Japan and South Korea as well as similar facilities in the Philippines and Australia, undertaken through various bilateral pacts such as visiting forces/status of forces agreements. We call for an end to US provocations in the region against China and the DPRK. We reiterate our support for the peaceful and independent reunification of Korea through the efforts of the Korean people themselves, without US intervention.

While opposing the US pivot to Asia, we likewise express our opposition to the continuing incursions, island-occupation and reclamation activities of China which also violate the sovereignty, exclusive economic zone and territorial waters of several sovereign countries in the South China Sea. China blatantly violates international law with its claim of 90% of the South China Sea. We support calls for a peaceful resolution of all outstanding territorial and maritime disputes in the region, without military intervention from the US, China and Japan.

We stand with the people of Japan and East Asia in resisting Japan’s new security legislation, the rise of Japanese militarism and the expansion of US bases in Okinawa, Iwakuni, Kyotango and other areas. We support the tens of thousands who have risen up to protest the revisions in Japan’s Constitution for the purpose of sending troops abroad for interventionist activities together with the US. We stand with the revolutionary and progressive forces in India, Indonesia and its provinces, the Philippines, West Papua and Bangladesh in their struggle for national and social liberation against imperialism and their respective reactionary regimes.

We link arms with the Latin American people and the governments who assert their national sovereignty against the impositions of the US. We condemn the continuing efforts of the US to undermine, and destabilize Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia that aims to pave the way for “regime change” in these countries and the total subordination of the region to US dictates.

We support the struggle of the American people against the imperialist neoliberal offensive, wars of aggression, racism, state repression, surveillance, police violence, mass incarceration and other violations of civil liberties. The war against Black Americans is a microcosm of imperialist actions seen all over the world. We support the right to self-determination of the indigenous peoples within the US and the whole of North America. We support the struggles for self-determination of all oppressed nations and people within the US including Chicanos, Latinos and all who have been forced to migrate into the US as a result of imperialist intervention in their homeland.

Through the ILPS and its commissions, we hope to foster greater understanding of the situation and struggles of the oppressed, occupied and exploited peoples in different parts of the world.

We call on ILPS member organizations to resolutely wage campaigns and mass struggles against all forms of US military aggression and intervention worldwide. We call on our members to launch protests against the looming imposition of the Trans Pacific Partnership and other similar forms of neoliberal economic dictates. We call on the people to support the just struggles for national liberation in the underdeveloped countries and to support the countries asserting their national sovereignty against imperialism. We are inspired that the exploited and oppressed within the imperialist countries themselves are fighting back against austerity, war and fascism.

We the people have nothing to lose but our chains. We have a world to win. Let us march forward and seize victory.

Commission 1 Specific Resolutions

  1. Resolution of Solidarity with the Struggles for Black Self -Determination and Liberation in the US. Support and uphold the revolutionary path of struggle of the Venezuelan people.
  2. Support for Argentina’s demand for sovereignty over Malvinas Islands and for an end to British occupation and to denounce NATO militarization of South Atlantic.
  3. Adoption of the Communique of the Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Popular Unity Regarding the Current Situation in the Colombian-Venezuela Border.
  4. Campaign to condemn US intervention in Syria, Libya, Iraq and other MENA countries.
  5. Condemn the Saudi war against Yemen.
  6. Demand an end to US-backed sanctions on Eritrea, Ethiopian occupation of Eritrean lands.
  7. Condemning US imperialism and intervention as the cause of the refugee crisis in Africa and Europe.
  8. Support the campaign to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israeili companies and establishments.
  9. Campaign for the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails (Khalida Jarrar, Ahmad Sa’adat, Marwan Barghouti)
  10. ILPS to call and coordinate international days of action.
  11. West Papua resolution – Recognition of the West Papuan and Moluccan people’s struggle for self-determination in Indonesia for their right to national sovereignty and condemning the US backed Indonesian military regime in their lands.
  12. Resolution to support the people’s resistance to militarization and plunder in Mindanao.
  13. Resolution against US and China intervention and powerplay in the South China/West PH Sea.
  14. Resolution demanding freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.
  15. Resolution recognizing democratic autonomy demanded and declared by Kurdistan in Rojava and North Kurdistan which remain under Turkish occupation.
  16. Resolution calling for an immediate end to the criminalization of the Kurdish liberation movement and the delisting of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) from the international terrorist list.
  17. Opening of humanitarian corridor between Turkey and Rojava to help rebuild the city of Kobane.
  18. Release of all Kurdish political prisoners. Justice for the 3 Kurdish women, Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Soylemez, assassinated in Paris on January 11, 2013.
  19. Resolution for an international campaign to release all political prisoners.
  20. Specific resolution for internationally coordinated actions on November 29, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. (Proposed by Palestinian Youth Movement.)

Solidarity with struggles for Black Self-Determination and Liberation in the United States

Whereas, the intensification of State violence against Black people within the United States is part and parcel of a world in crisis;

Whereas, the uprisings and Black resistance strengthening in Missouri, New York, and all across the United States in response to State violence, mass incarceration, and murders of Black youth, women, and men is reflective of the heightening internal contradictions within the ruling imperialist power, the United States;

Whereas, the emergence of the United States as an imperial power is based on centuries of slavery, land grabbing, and genocide of Black, Latino, and indigenous peoples. The systemic militarization and criminalization of working class and poor Black communities dates back to the era of slavery and is perpetuated by US imperialist domination through the intentional creation and maintenance of a domestic underclass;

Whereas, this violent maintenance of a second-class of Black citizens in the US results in the ongoing murder of and heinous acts of violence against Black people of all ages and genders;

Whereas, the liberation of Black people in the US is intertwined with the liberation of oppressed peoples around the world;

We call on the 5th Assembly of the ILPS and all the League’s member organizations, country chapters, to support the struggles for Black Self-Determination in the United States:

  1. Recognizing the right of Black people in the United States to self-determination and standing in solidarity with the uprisings and Black resistance strengthening in Missouri, New York, and across the country;
  2. Condemning the US ruling elite’s continued white supremacy and systemic oppression of Black people for profit; Calling for a swift end to the systematic police terror, murder, and brutality against people of color; and punishment of police guilty of these crimes;
  3. Demanding full community control of the police with the right to hire, fire, and prosecute;
  4. An end to the reactionary and racist prison system of the State, which disproportionately incarcerates Black and low-income communities of color to dominate and repress;
  5. Ending the military occupation, mass criminalization, and mass incarceration of Black communities and low-income communities of color and calling for genuine self-determination for Black people within the United States;
  6. Demanding immediate release of all political prisoners fighting for liberation including Mumia Abu-Jamal, Albert Woodfox, and Reverend Pinckney.

Resolution condemning US and China’s powerplay in the West Philippine Sea

The dispute in the West Philiippine Sea heightened when China, claiming ownership of 90% of the South China Sea, started reclaiming and building artificial islands, structures and facilities on the chain of islands in the area, encroaching on 100% of the Philippine extended continental shelf and 80% of its exclusive economic zone as defined by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). China’s incursions in the West Philippine Sea including its fishing prohibition and violent actions like hosing down Filipino fisherfolk fishing in those waters violated Philipine sovereignty and the right of the Filipino fisherfolk to fish on the rich fishing grounds like the Panatag shoal (Scarborough shoal). These reclamations also destroy the area’s rich biodiversity and ecological balance.

The US has taken advantage of the dispute and used it to justify increasing military presence in the Philippines and the whole Asia Pacific region in line with its pivot to Asia policy. In collusion with the Aquino government, the US reestablished military bases in the Philippines through the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). Recently the US sent provocative sea and air patrols within the 12 nautical miles of the manufactured islands, greatly increasing the tension in the area. Further, the US has called on the cooperation of Japan and Australia in these patrols.

We, the patriotic Filipino people stand in staunch opposition to this blatant violation of Philippine sovereignty. We resist the dangerous powerplay by the superpowers on the West Philippine sea for control of the whole South China sea, an important commercial route where about $ 5 trillion worth of goods pass through yearly. We call on ILPS to condemn US and China for making the South China/West Philippine sea a theater for their competition in flagrant violation of Philippine sovereignty. Such aggressive actions hinder the peaceful resolution of the dispute. We call on ILPS to facilitate activities that will foster solidarity of peoples in the countries that have competing claims in the south China sea and engage their participation in seeking peaceful solutions to the South China Sea dispute.

Resolution to support people’s resistance to militarization and plunder in Mindanao

Mindanao’s ancestral domains are the Philippines’ last frontiers. But these lands are now being plundered by foreign firms and our communities militarized.

The heart of CPP-NDFP-NPA’s revolution is in the Mindanao regions according to the Armed Forces of the Philippines and they have vowed to crush the revolution through Oplan Bayanihan.

In complicity with the imperialist plunder, the Aquino government is attacking our schools, communities and people through Oplan Bayanihan, the government’s war against the people in the service of imperialist interests.

The US-Aquino regime’s Oplan Bayanihan and involvement in the US “war on terror” have killed hundreds of people and displaced hundreds of thousands in Mindanao both Lumads and Moro people who are struggling for the right to self-determination.

As a people, who have been historically exploited and oppressed by puppet governments subservient to the US, we have the right to resist and our resistance is also the resistance of all oppressed peoples in the world.

Our demands:

Arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of the killings by AFP and Paramilitaries!

Stop Militarization and encampments in our schools and communities!

Disband and disarm all AFP backed paramilitaries!

Pull out all AFP troops in Lumad communities and Ancestral Domains!

Drop trumped-up charges against our community and sectoral leaders!

  1. Write a statement of support.
  2. Write letters to government agencies and international bodies to support our demands.
  3. Educate your community or group about the situation in Mindanao.
  4. Volunteer or set up the Friends of the Lumad in your organization, communities or county.
  5. Join the Global Week of Action for Mindanao: November 22 to December 10, 2015.
  6. Launch protest actions in front of Philippine embassies and TNC companies based in your countries.
  7. Visit the IP communities and schools in Mindanao.

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