Resolution to commemorate Fukushima disaster and demand end to irresponsible use of nuclear energy

ILPS International Coordinating Committee

We the International League of Peoples’ Struggle are hereby resolved to call upon all our member-organizations and allies to carry out a campaign of militant demonstrations all over the world until Hiroshima Day on August 6  to commemorate the 11 March Fukushima disaster and to condemn the utterly irresponsible use of nuclear energy for profit-making by nuclear monopoly firms and for aggressive purposes by the imperialist powers.

We must always remember that US imperialism is so far the only power that has used nuclear weapons to attack civilian populations as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and is using uranium-tipped weapons in its current wars of aggression. All the imperialist powers threaten the people of the world with nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction in order to impose conditions of oppression and exploitation.

We must recognize that the imperialist nuclear powers and nuclear corporations cannot  be persuaded  to dismantle their nuclear power plants and arms stockpiles on their own volition. We must stress the point that the proletariat and people in such imperialist countries can end the irresponsible use of nuclear energy for profit-making and aggressive purposes by waging revolution and establishing socialism.

We must concentrate our campaign against the imperialist powers possessing a big number of nuclear plants and weapons and avoid the pitfall of equalizing them with the non-imperialist countries that have a belated program of nuclear research and development for the purpose of energy generation and/or defense.

We must have no illusion that the United Nations can be an instrument for ending the irresponsible use of nuclear energy. We must not in any way express or imply approval for the use of the UN, the UN Security Council, International Atomic Energy Agency or any other UN agency the US and other imperialist powers to apply or threaten the use of sanctions or wars of aggression.

Let us condemn the US and other imperialist powers for using the UN to unleash wars of aggression under the pretext of looking for nuclear weapons as in Iraq. We must also condemn the arrogant presumption that only the imperialists and their cohorts like Israel can make nuclear weapons and that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Iran have no such prerogative even if only as a deterrent to imperialist attack.

Approved by the International Coordinating Committee
of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle
March 11, 2012

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