Resolution opposing imperialist war on Iran

ILPS International Coordinating Committee

Whereas US imperialism, with the backing of other imperialist powers including the EU and Canada, are preparing military aggression against Iran;

Whereas such an assault would kill thousands of Iranians and create region-wide destabilization and could lead to a global conflagration;

Whereas the reactionary and expansionist Israeli regime has been playing a role as a client state of imperialism organizing sanctions, industrial sabotage, cyber-attacks, drone flights and assassinations in preparation for the military crusade;

Whereas Iran has been called a “geopolitical pivot”, a country whose fate can shape global geopolitics, bordering the Persian Gulf and the energy-rich Caspian Sea linking the West Asia (Middle East) and Central Asia and has the world’s third largest oil reserves;

Whereas US imperialism ruled Iran for 26 years starting in 1953 when it supported the violent overthrow of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh who, backed by 99.5% of the population, had dared to nationalize British Petroleum, then called Anglo-Iranian;

Whereas US imperialism governed through a tyrant, the Shah of Iran, who handed the country back to a cartel of oil monopolies that included five US oil giants, while the regime murdered hundreds of thousands of people and crushed all progressive opposition;

Today, shut out of Iran, US imperialism argues that Teheran’s nuclear program must be a cover for bomb-making while saying nothing about the estimated 160 nuclear warheads in Israel.

Whereas the latest moves led by US imperialism are clearly a continuation of a sordid and reactionary history of intervention in Iran by the U.S. imperialism and its allies. History demonstrates that nothing good can or will come of any new U.S. intervention or attack—no matter what pretexts it offers.

Whereas only one country in history has used the atomic bomb, as the families of the hundreds of thousands of victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki can attest. Only one country spends more on military killing machines than the rest of the world combined. Only one country has supported Israeli militarization and expansionism to the tune of $3 billion a year while vetoing 42 UN resolutions critical of the Israeli government. And this is the power, the United States of America, which is attempting to convince us that they deserve our support to bomb, with Israel’s help, the Iranian people back to the Stone Age in the name of “democracy”, “freedom” and global stability.

Whereas lies about weapons of mass destruction WMD were similarly propagated by US imperialism against Iraq nearly ten years ago to justify an unprovoked war of aggression that resulted in over one million Iraqi deaths, several million refugees and near total physical and social destruction of the country, as well as nearly 5000 U.S. military casualties and many more wounded on both sides.

Whereas a decade of war that uncovered no WMDs did put U.S. oil companies back in charge of Iraq’s oil fields and solidified their control over the area of Western Asia Middle East containing the world’s largest oil reserves, secured by U.S. military force. It led to ever escalating prices for oil and the greatest quarterly profits registered in corporate history. For Big Oil a decade of war on Iraq was a booming success.

Whereas the ILPS upholds the sovereignty of the Iranian people and demands an end to the economic sanctions against Iran and opposes the current threat of US imperialist-led military aggression.

Therefore it is resolved that:

  1. ILPS conduct a globally coordinated campaign of education and action with a clear anti-imperialist platform to oppose the planned US –led imperialist military attack against Iran including projecting the slogan ”No more blood for oil profits.”

    We are also calling on May 1st organizers around the world to raise the issue on International Workers’ Day, and rally their forces for a globally coordinated day of action on May 20 to coincide with the NATO Summit in Chicago. Should an attack occur sooner, we call ILPS member organizations to organize an international day of action the day after the attack.

  2. ILPS coordinate with other progressive forces opposing the US imperialist-led attack on Iran in organizing such a campaign, but assuring strong ILPS presence within such a campaign.

Approved by the International Coordinating Committee
of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle
March 11, 2012

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