ILPS Study Commission Concern #16 on migrants, refugees and displaced people

WHEREAS, Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, a political scientist, theoretician, teacher, multi-awarded poet and acknowledged leader of the patriotic and democratic movement in the Philippines fighting for meaningful national and social change, chairperson of the ILPS and a recognized political refugee in the Netherlands;

WHEREAS, the Philippine, US, Dutch governments and European Union have further intensified their political persecution of Professor Sison by including him in their so-called terrorist list, effectively violating his civil, political and social rights, and lately, filing patently false charges of inciting to murder against him, but which a Dutch court has found to be politically-motivated and without prima facie evidence;

WHEREAS, the persecution and demonization of progressives have intensified alongside the intensification of imperialist globalization and the so-called war on terror on one hand, and the advance of the progressive movement of the people worldwide against imperialist-led wars and globalization;

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that the ILPS rally everyone to call to stop immediately the political persecution of Professor Sison and by extension an attack on the ILPS, to fight and oppose the persecution of anti-imperialist and democratic forces and peoples fighting for national liberation, freedom, social justice, development and genuine peace.

June 19, 2008

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