Resolution on global campaign and coalition to dismantle overseas US bases

Resolution proposed and approved
during the meeting of the International Coordinating Group
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
20-21 August 2010

Whereas, the US has escalated and intensified its military campaigns of aggression and intervention in different parts of the world , especially in Latin America , the Korean Peninsula, Iraq and Afghanistan and Africa,

  • In Iraq, the US is purportedly ending its combat mission but in reality continuing its military occupation by maintaining the biggest US embassy and at least a hundred military facilities, including mega-bases in different parts of Iraq with 50,000 special operations and thousands more private mercenaries under the Pentagon payroll.

  • In Afghanistan, additional 30,000 troops plus tens of thousands of private contractors, using the country as a laboratory for new US weaponry and combat tactics, e.g. the use of drone attacks. It is also conducting cross-border raids into Pakistan purportedly targetting suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda bases, training camps and operatives. It has entered into a new nuclear agreement with India to support the latter’s military upgrading and keep the Pakistan-China alliance in check.

  • The US has conducted a series of war games of unprecedented scale – using 56,000 South Korean troops, 30,000 US troops, 20 warships and 200 aircraft close to the demilitarized zone and on the Yellow Sea, directed both at North Korea and China.

  • The US has entered into an agreement with the Colombian government to use seven military bases in Colombia for ten years purportedly for counternarcotic operations but in reality for counterinsurgency operations against Colombian revolutionary organizations and against countries in Latin America asserting national sovereignty and independence such as Cuba, Venezuelan and Ecuador.

  • The US is expanding its military presence in the African continent with the formation of the African Command (AFRICOM), increased arms sales, military aid and training provided to a number of African countries, particularly in the oil and mineral rich countries.

  • US continues to instigate Israeli Zionist aggression in the Middle East, particularly its occupation of Palestine and oppression of the Palestinian people, as recently exemplified by its unconditional support for the Israeli attack on the humanitarian flotilla off Gaza despite wide condemnation by the international community

Whereas these military actions are driven by US imperialism’s desire to expand and tighten its control over the world’s resources especially oil and natural gas deposits, pipeline routes and vital sea lanes vis-à-vis its imperialist rivals and thereby overcome its worst economic crisis since the 1930s,

Whereas, the US has increased its military budget to $708.2 billion for 2011, the biggest in its history — much larger, even adjusting for inflation, than any military budget since World War II including the periods of the US invasion of Korea and Vietnam, and 64 percent higher than its average “defense” spending during the Cold War. The US military expenditures, which is larger than the military expenditures of all other countries combined, is even expected to increase by $100 billion over the next five years — not including the supplemental funds for wars such as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Whereas, the US has stepped up building more military bases and upgrading its military facilities with more than 800 installations in at least 80 countries all over the world . These overseas military bases have served as springboards for military interventions and wars of aggression, and as linchpins for expanding and consolidating its global hegemony.

Whereas, US military aggression and intervention throughout the world has resulted in the massive civilian deaths, destruction of vital infrastructure, trampling of national cultures, pillaging of natural resources, and massive displacement and other gross human rights violations.

Whereas, the peoples’ struggle to dismantle overseas US military bases from all countries in the world has become especially important in the light of the global economic depression and the consequent intensification of global political conflicts.

Whereas, the Asia-Pacific Anti-Bases Coalition, formed under the auspices of the ILPS East Asia-Oceania Coordinating Committee, has served to coordinate anti-US bases actions in the region, such as the demonstrations in Okinawa against the current US-South Korea war games,

Whereas, there is an urgent need to form a global anti-imperialist coalition against overseas US military bases,

Resolved, therefore, that the ILPS initiate the formation of a global coalition and campaign to dismantle overseas US military bases. Such formation may initially have as its secretariat the secretariat of the Asia-Pacific Anti-Bases Coalition.

ILPS member organizations worldwide are called on to actively participate in and call on other organizations to join anti-bases campaigns and actions , especially the regionally and globally coordinated actions.

The ILPS-initiated anti-imperialist global coalition against overseas US bases shall establish the broadest links and cooperate with other global and regional anti-US bases formation.

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