Resolution on Black Lives Matter: ILPS stands in solidarity with the self-determination movement of the African American people

Adopted by the International Coordinating Committee
20 February 2015
Utrecht, the Netherlands

The International Coordinating Committee of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle stands in solidarity with the African American people and all people in the United States fighting for racial and social justice. With the rapid decline and worsening crisis of US imperialism, and the desperation of the white monopoly bourgeoisie and financial oligarchy, it is a necessity that the people’s growing resistance continues to defend itself against all forms of racist, reactionary violence.

The white supremacist arrogance is a continuing factor in the oppression and exploitation of the African-Americans. The increasing fascisation and militarization of the police make the African-Americans and other people of color most vulnerable to brutal and deadly attacks by the police on a daily basis, and whenever they exercise their rights to free speech and assembly in public places.

Compared to the rest of the population of the United States, the African-American people suffer the most. One out of three African-American is in prison. The African-Americans are being used as the main fodder and modern-day slave labor for the thriving private prison industrial complex. US cops kill an African-American every 28 hours. At their whim, the cops accost the African-Americans and beat or shoot them to death. Most of the victims are young, unarmed African-Americans.

The pretext of homeland security and combating terrorism has turned the US imperialist state and its coercive instruments more violent and more terrorist than ever before. The use of military force on civilians organizing people’s actions is a violation of people’s civil and political rights.

The ILPS supports the growing mass movement Black Lives Matter, and commends the African American people’s progressive and revolutionary organizations working for the self-determination of black people in the United States.

The ILPS calls on all people of the world to fight for liberation and justice against all forms of oppression and exploitation by US imperialism and its accomplices.

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