Resolution demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Onder Dolutas

ILPS TIA Workshop 16

The ILPS Study Commission on Concern #16 strongly condemn the arrest and imprisonment of Onder Dolutas a British citizen from Turkish origin by the German authorities on May 23 2008.

Onder Dolutas, left Turkey in 2001 applied for political asylum upon arrival in the UK. He was granted political asylum in 2003, based on overwhelming weight of evidence supporting his claim that there is danger to his life and may be subjected to gross miscarriage of justice if forced to return to Turkey.

In 2006, based on claims by the Turkish government he was arrested in Britain on an Interpol arrest warrant. However, the case was dropped against him and the courts dismissed the case and released Onder. In Nov 2007 Onder was granted British citizenship.

Onder Dolutas’s arrest, and possible extradition to Turkey is a clear denial of his rights as a refugee and a British citizen, and is part of the overall attacks against the confederation of workers from Turkey in Europe ATIK whose offices and the houses of its activists were raided by the authorities in Germany on December 5 2008. During these simultaneous raids against 13 houses, the police confiscated computer, documents and information belonging to ATIK and its federation in Europe. No-one was charged and allwere released.

This outrageous attack was not an isolated attack. During the past years other similar attacks were launched against migrant organisations in Germany. ATIK Launched a campign as a new initiative to unite migrant forces and other democraticly minded people under the title today us tomorrow you! This initiative has succeeded to rally significant number of migrant groups in Germany to oppose the attacks against progressive migrant organisations in Germany.

The ILPS Study Commission on Concern #16:

  • condemns the arrest and continued detention of Onder Dolutas and demands an end to all attempts to extradite him to Turkey.

  • demands the immediate and unconditional release of Onder Dolutas.

  • Condemn the attacks against all migrants by the German authorities and supports the campaign today us, you tomorrow!

19 June 2008

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