RESOLUTION: Campaign against imperialist plunder and environmental destruction in the Philippines

Approved by the International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
5-6 June 2014

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Whereas, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) should take the lead in supporting the campaign against plunder of natural wealth by the monopoly capitalists, landgrabbing and their destruction of nature especially in colonial and semicolonial countries. In particular, the policy of the US-Aquino regime to expand large-scale mining and agricultural plantations of private and foreign corporations.

Whereas, there is a need to continue the campaign against the program of militarization under Oplan Bayanihan and the setting up of the Investment Defense Force by the US-Aquino regime that result in widespread dislocation of the people, human rights violations and killing of activists.

Resolve, as it is hereby resolved, that the International League of Peoples’ Struggle shall encourage and call upon its member organizations to support the following:

Launching of coordinated campaigns and actions against huge mining corporations and related projects, in particular, the Glencore-Xstrata, Freeport Mcmoran and Oceana Gold. Focus must be made on the issue of black and mining operations being carried out widely on Philippine shores.

Holding of an International Day of Action on October 17, to commemorate the Capion Massacre and condemn the human rights violations of monstrous mining companies.

Supporting and participating in the International Anti-Largescale Mining Conference in 2015 in the Philippines, highlighting the heroic and victorious campaigns and struggles against foreign and big mining in the Philippines.

Launching a campaign against expropriation and seizure of energy resources by foreign energy corporations in collusion with local big business and comprador big bourgeoisie. In particular, a campaign against Chevron-Texaco and their projects in the Philippines.

Participating and leading the campaign for “climate justice” in the framework of making the imperialist countries accountable for the disasters/tragedies brought by global warming; attaining justice for the victims of said disasters/tragedies’ and advancing socialism as the genuine and longterm solution for climate change.
Pursuing steadfastly the campaign against the establishment of coal power plants and the sale of energy resources and facilities.

Participating in and launching activities during the Peoples’ March event in September 2014 in New York under the lead of the ILPS-Philippines and ILPS-USA.

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