Resolution against intensifying US militarism and intervention

Approved by the ILPS International Coordinating Group
13 March 2010


US imperialism’s military brutality is presently intensifying, driven by its desperate desire to overcome its worst economic crisis since the 1930s, in particular its insatiable drive for superprofits and increased control over the world’s resources, in particular, oil, natural gas, pipeline routes and vital sea lanes, vis-à-vis their rivals.The US has just proposed the biggest war budget in its history — $708.2 billion for 2011 — much larger, even adjusting for inflation, than any military budget since World War II including the periods of the US invasion of Korea and Vietnam, and 64 percent higher than its average “defense” spending during the Cold War. This is even expected to increase by $100 billion over the next five years — not including extra money for fighting wars; 1

The US is building more bases and upgrading its military facilities all over the world to secure control over strategic resources (such as oil and gas in West and Central Asia, and West and Central Africa), encircle (potential) rival powers, particularly China and Russia; and intervene in regions where US interests are being challenged (such as in Latin America and the Philippines) The US occupation of Iraq has entered its 7th year with Obama promising to end the US combat mission by Aug. 31, 2010 and remove all US troops by end of 2011. Yet the US is increasing the number of private mercenaries in Iraq under the payroll of the US Pentagon and setting up the biggest embassy in Baghdad along with “mega-bases” in other parts of Iraq – indications of its intention to prolong its direct or indirect rule over Iraq.

The US is ramping up its war in Afghanistan, sending 30,000 additional troops plus tens of thousands of private contractors and using the country as a laboratory for new US weaponry and combat tactics, e.g. the use of drone attacks. It is also conducting cross-border raids into Pakistan purportedly targeting suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda bases, training camps and operatives while in fact causing countless civilian casualties and destruction of civilian infrastructure. It has entered into a new nuclear agreement with India to support the latter’s military upgrading and keep the Pakistan-China alliance in check.

US imperialism continues to expand its military presence in the African continent with the formation of the African Command (AFRICOM), increased arms sales, military aid and training provided to a number of African countries, particularly in the oil and mineral-rich countries.

The US has recently sealed a deal to use 7 military bases in Colombia for 10 years as staging ground for intervention within the country and expand its “expeditionary warfare capability” throughout the region, particularly against governments identified by the Pentagon as “anti-US” such as Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia. In Honduras, the US-inspired coup d’etat that deposed elected President Manuel Zelaya will mark its one-year anniversary on June 28, 2010 amidst rumours of other possible coups spread in Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela (and possibly versus other ALBA countries). Hugo Chavez, in particularly, is the object of vitriolic propaganda in the monopoly capitalist media to justify continuing destabilization moves and even direct aggression against Venezuela.

In Haiti, US imperialism has exploited the post-quake humanitarian crisis to impose direct military control over the Haitian people and the economy.

US support for Israeli aggression against Palestinian people continues, especially in Gaza.

The continued presence of US troops and military facilities in the Philippines and US military aid underwrites the government’s vicious counterinsurgency program that includes civilians and unarmed activists as military targets and props up the corrupt and fascist puppet government.

US military aggression and intervention throughout the world is resulting in the mass killings, injuries and wholesale displacement of civilian populations and other gross human rights violations, destruction of vital infrastructure, the trampling of national cultures, and the pillaging of natural resources.The resistance of the world’s peoples to US imperialist aggression needs to be promoted and strengthened.

Therefore be it resolved,

  • That the all ILPS member organizations continue and intensify the struggle to oppose the US imperialist-led war of terror, call for an immediate end to US imperialist occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, and call for the withdrawal of all military forces from the Middle East as well as in Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America.
  • That ILPS extend militant anti-imperialist solidarity to the peoples and countries struggling for national sovereignty and independence; and
  • That ILPS member organizations actively participate in the protest actions against the unjust wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, project the anti-imperialist positions of the ILPS within these actions and organize such activities where none as yet exist.


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