Residents of São Paulo’s South Zone under imminent threat of eviction

By Movimento Bandeira Vermelha

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The inhabitants of Jardim da União urban occupation, in São Paulo City’s southern zone, are being victimized by an injunction repossession issued by the Company of Urban and Housing Development (CDHU), which wants to evict more than 1500 families occupying the city hall’s terrain since almost a year. The CDHU declares that, if the families do not leave the terrain within ten days, the repossession will be done under the bombs of the fascist Military Police and the city hall’s tractors.

The corrupt politicians and bureaucrat capitalists, who make huge profits from the overvaluation of urban properties – thus the plunder of the working people – will not hesitate in running over and shooting women, children and elder people, if it is necessary to ensure their profits. Far from being the first time in which state terrorism is being staged, the current repossession is the 6th done against the inhabitants! The Brazilian fascist State denies to the workers the most basic and elementary right, which is the right to housing! Even the Brazilian Constitution, which supposedly gives the right to every Brazilian to have a plot of land, is run roughshod when it is necessary to satisfy the hunger for profits of the big real estate speculators!

The threat of repossession is not only occurring in Jardim da União urban occupation, but also Ayrton Senna urban occupation – all organized through the Extreme South Network – is also receiving the threat of repossession. And in Mambu urban occupation, hundreds of families have already been thrown onto the streets.

The State terrorism against these families becomes even more regrettable when, according to statistics of the CDHU, 14 billion Brazilian reais were transferred to the building of people’s houses in such terrains, houses which were supposed to be constructed in the early 2011 and delivered in mid-2013. Nowadays, in mid-2014, the construction of the houses have not even began! Where did the transferred 14 billion reais went to? Certainly, the corrupt politicians from the Alckmin and Haddad clique – this huge garbage heap – did not hesitate in stealing billions of reais from the working class families to fatten their bank account. These politicians swim in money, while tens of thousands of São Paulo citizens have nothing more except misery, drugs, criminality, and chronic starvation, even for children and elders!

We call our friends, militants and patriots of good will to uphold the rights of poor families against the violence and evil of the Brazilian fascist State, for the right to decent housing, public transport, and a worthy life! May the resistance of the people from the southern São Paulo shine as an example for the new people’s struggles which are about to come!

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