Central Women Assembly
Democratic Regions Party (DBP)

There were a huge oppression, persecution, political genocide operations towards Kurdish People and elected Kurdish mayors, politicians were arrested to defect the will of Kurds at the era before 2012 under the name of KCK. More than 10.000 people were taken under watch and most of them had been arrested in these political genocide operations.

Actually the main goal of these arrestments were to surround the Kurdish Political Movements and illegalize the Kurdish political movements especially making the will of Kurds surrender, and hence the aim was not let the Kurds to widen the legal political areas and show the way of the mountains to the Kurdish youth as the previous-old fascist implementations in Turkey. There was a great isolation of state on Kurdish People Leader Mr. Öcalan for more than two years, even the natural rights of a prisoner like meeting with his family and lawyers were banned. Kurdish People did not get any news-information from their leader.

During such kind of a critic period the seed of Rojava Revolution were spreaded, and in North Kurdistan the struggle of Kurdish Political Movement were getting strong and the ground sovereignty were raising.

Beside this the people who jailed, elected mayor, politicians who were arrested under KCK operations had started hunger strike, laid their body for dying and the strike took 68 day for their identity rights, their language, statute and most importantly for the freedom of their leader to end the isolation on their leadership.

At the Outside people were resisting and struggling against the state to prevent the deaths, to end the isolation over Mr. Öcalan. Just at the moments that there would be deaths Mr. Öcalan who was under isolation called for stopping the hunger strike to prevent any martyrization.

As the dialogue for negotiations started at the beginning of 2013, three Kurdish Revolutionarist Women; Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan, Leyla Şaylemez had been executed-murdered bloodthirstily in Paris. In this international complo the murderers-principals still couldn’t be found as it has been four years after executions.

Beside this today Turkish state has ended the negotiation period that had been started by Kurdish People Leader Mr. Abdullah Öcalan with games and cheats. As similar to the previous isolation periods over Mr. Abdullah Öcalan the Turkish State started a war towards Kurds, a lot of civil people persecuted without considering children, women, youths, pregnant and older people.

As the war towards Kurds continues in a cruel way at the fourth anniversary of Kurdish Women Politicians who were murdered in Paris another three Kurdish Women Politicians, activists Sêvê Demir, Fatma Uyar, Pakize Nayır have been murdered by Turkish Security Forces bloodthirstily, inhumanly.

We, the women will never forget this massacre. This massacre has been executed towards to whom are resisting against persecutions; this massacre has been executed towards to whom are organizing the humanitarian life, towards to whom are want to resist and resisting to protect the honour of humanity.

This Massacre is the second Paris massacre towards Kurdish Politicians. We, the women condemn the genocide insights-mentalities. Our demand is from the authorities to end these kind of inhumane executions in our geography.

Especially against the deepening war, against the persecutions and oppressions on our people and women;

We call,

All Turkish and Kurdish women, international leftist and socialist democratic peripheries, political parties, democratic institutions to own age our democracy martyred comrades; to raise awareness and visibility of these kind of murdering and to raise the struggle against AKP Government and not to be silence against state violence.

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