April 15, 2020



Joint Statement




Eman Villanueva

ILPS HK&M Coordinator



Eman Villanueva




Put the public interest first; yes to a robust, responsive, and publicly-owned health care system



The COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging across the globe, with thousands of dead and more infected. The current health care system of countries cannot cope with the needs of the people who are sick from COVID-19 and other illness.



The many decades of various governments prioritizing profit over public health, through comprehensive privatisation of hospitals and the overall health system, has placed us in this dire predicament. Doctors, nurses and other front liners do not have proper protective equipment, making them vulnerable to contracting the disease they are feverishly fighting. The marginalised and poor people who do not have medical insurance are driven out of hospitals and left to fend for themselves.



Meanwhile, despite the urgency of the situation, US President Donald Trump tried to acquire a possible vaccine and make it only available for the United States, possibly depriving billions of other people of the vaccine.



The policies of lockdowns and social distancing has placed many working people into dire poverty. With most of them getting daily wages, without a source of income to purchase the basic necessities like food and water, the workers and their families are going to die of hunger before getting sick from COVID-19.



On this day, 15th of April 2020, we enjoin the rest of the world in pushing for 5 demands:


1. Social protection and guaranteed incomes and livelihood even under quarantine

2. Make the health care system public, not privatised; fund the needs of the hospitals and health workers

3. Mass testing and treatment for all in the face of COVID-19

4. Bailout the people, not the big corporations

5. Respect for democratic and human rights








1. Abra Migrant Workers Welfare Association (AMWWA)

2. Abra Tinguian Ilocano Society (ATIS-HK)

3. Agoo Migrants Workers Assn

4. Annak ti Naguilian La Union HK

5. Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM)

6. Association for the Advancement of Feminism Migrant Domestic Worker Subcommittee

7. Association of Concerned Filipinos (ACFIL)

8. Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong (ATKI-HK)

9. Bacnotan La Union HK Association

10. Baggak Global Organization HK

11. Balungao Overseas Workers Association (BOWA HK)

12. Bangar Association of HK

13. BAYAN Hong Kong and Macau

14. BKB – Bina Karya Bersama

15. BTM&B – Beringin Tetap Maidenlike Dan Benevolent

16. Cordillera Alliance

17. Cordillera Womens Club

18. Cuyapo OFW Association Hong Kong

19. DUnified Sulong Bauangenians HK

20. Federation of Luzon Active Groups (FLAG)

21. Filguys Association Gabriela Hong Kong

22. Filipino Friends

23. Filipino Lesbian Organization (FILO)

24. Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers Union (FMDWU)

25. Filipino Migrant WorkersUnion (FMWU-HKCTU)

26. Filipino Migrants Association (FMA)

27. Filipino Women Migrant Association (FILWOM)

28. Friends of Bethune House

29. Gabriela Hong Kong

30. Gabriela Women Organization Hong Kong bank Chapter

31. Global Alliance

32. Global Naguilianders Alliance Network

33. Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Union (IMWU)

34. Indonesian Migrants Muslim Alliance (GAMMI)

35. International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS HK&Macau)

36. Kabisig Society

37. La Union Fed HK

38. League of Indonesian Migrant Workers (LIPMI)

39. League of Social Democrats

40. Likha Filipino Migrants Cultural Organization

41. Luna Namacpacan Association HK

42. Luzviminda Migrante

43. Migrante Pier

44. Migrante Shatin

45. Migrante Tamar

46. Migrante Tsing Yi

47. Migrante Tsuen Wan

48. Migrante Tuen Mun

49. Migrante Yuen Long

50. Migranteng Artista ng Bayan (MAB HK)

51. Migrants Solidarity Committee of Autonomous 8a

52. Mission Movers

53. Mountain Province Federation

54. Organic Environmental Organization

55. Overseas Nepali Workers’ Association (ONWA)

56. Pangasinan Overseas Welfare Empowerment R

57. Philippine Independent Church- Choir

58. Pinatud A Saling Ti Umili

59. Promotion of Church PeoplesResponse (PCPR-HK)

60. Pugonians Assn HK

61. Reel Women Hong Kong

62. Samahang Migrante

63. Santol Association and Social Services

64. Sta Maria Migrants Association

65. Thai Regional Alliance (TRA-HK)

66. The Luzon Alliance International

67. The United City of San Fernando Organization

68. Timpuyog ti Bauangenians Society HK

69. United Filipino Dreamer Cultural Organizations.

70. United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-Migrante HK)

71. United Indonesians Against Overcharging (PILAR)

72. United Migrants Entrepreneurship Livelihood Association (UMELA)

73. United Pangasinan Hong Kong (UPHK)

74. WIC – Wanodya Indonesia Club

75. Women Dance Club

76. Women Of Philippines Independent Church (WOPIC- Antique)

77. Women Workers Association (WWA)

78. Womens Festival Hong Kong

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