Mar. 01, 2022


Commission 4 of the International League of Peoples’ Struggles (ILPS) supports the calls for more action to protest militarization, war and imperialism. Take action to prevent a full-scale war in Europe! Call for de-escalation and demilitarization! Foreign troops, go home! Join in global actions on March 6th!

Commission 4 supports the calls for a week of action to prevent war with Russia and further NATO mobilizations from March 1st to March 7th, including a worldwide protest on March 6th. They come as the danger of war increases because Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for more NATO security measures in his region, defied and pledged military action against the separatists within Ukraine, and vowed to counter the Russian Federation’s recognition of and military entry into the separated territories. Inhabitants there voted up to 90% for the People’s Republics of Luhansk and of Donbas. 

NATO member countries backed a coup in May 2014 to oust former President Viktor Yanukovych and install fascists after the working people in Donetsk City, Donbas region and Luhansk region declared themselves independent in April 2014. They have been increasing their military presence around Ukraine and Russia and arming and aiding the Right-wing government they helped to install since then. Their media blitz has been broadcasting lies and provoking Russia, too. 

Citing the rich resources including the labour and land of the Ukraine and the destabilizing economic decline in the region, the ILPS Chair gave a statement against NATO and Russian aggression on February 27, 2022, saying:

US imperialism seeks to maintain its military hegemony through the G7 Western imperialist alliance and NATO. It has succeeded to encircle Russia militarily through its troops and bases, and implement a policy of constriction through economic sanctions, political-economic initiatives in the former republics as well as the former East Bloc countries. All of these are the geopolitics of monopoly capital of all sides. 

Russia has remained defensive and used its economic and natural resources and military might as leverage to counter the US-NATO security and military constriction and economic sanctions. However,  the military intervention and invasion by Russia in Ukraine also violates the Minsk agreement, especially the self-determination and right to development of the Ukrainian people. It is pushed by the Russian monopoly capital which faces threats of declining profits from sanctions and overall constriction policy by US-led G7. 

Concerned people in many of the world’s quarters have been holding discussions, issuing their own statements and organizing protests to prevent a full-scale war in Europe and condemn the militarization of and interference in the Ukraine. There were national actions in Canada, Britain, Australia and the US on January 29 and February 5, a rally in New York on February 19, a mass meeting hosted in the US on February 22 and one in the UK on February 26, and meetings of the entire peace movements in Canada and the US in recent days. Meanwhile, the ILPS has joined many different organizations in launching the Peoples’ Fightback Against Fascism campaign. ILPS Commission 4 acknowledges the urgency of the present situation and supports the recent and upcoming actions. All out from March 1 to 7! Organize on or join in the global day of action on March 6!

No war over Ukraine! No to US-NATO aggression! Dismantle NATO! Stop imperialism!

No sanctions! [email protected] 

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