Preparation for the 1st International Miners Conference





We have accepted the request of the International Preparatory Group (IPG) of the First International Miners’ Group for the ILPS to make known to its components and contacts about the projected conference and encourage all miners’ organizations within their reach to participate in the conference and send their representatives for the purpose.

We therefore encourage all concerned commissions, global region committees, national chapters and member-organizations of the ILPS to submit to the International Coordinating Group of ILPS the names and addresses of those miners’ organizations within their reach that are willing to participate in the conference.

Efforts should be exerted immediately to urge them to get basic information on the character, tasks, aims and course of the conference from www.minersconference.orgThey can also email any further inquiry to the IPG: [email protected]

Attached hereto is the letter of request from the IPG of the conference. It mentions the fact that the Kilusang Mayo Uno of the Philippines, an ILPS member-organization, has already signified its intention to participate. The IPG is desirous of getting the participation of miners’ organizations in Canada, Australia and other countries where there are many miners.

To give significant contributions to the conference, those participating may avail of studies already made by the ILPS commissions on the issues of global capitalism and its crisis, workers´ rights, economic development and environment relative to mining. They can also make inquiries from any of the commissions.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

In solidarity,

Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee




To the ILPS

Dear colleagues,

militant greetings from the preparatory group for the 1st International Miners’ Conference from 1 to 3 March 2013 in Peru. They asked me to write to you.

The successful 3rd International Miners’ Seminar, conducted in Gelsenkirchen 2007, decided to prepare an international Miners’ Conference as the next step to develop a higher level of cooperation. The goal is to make a step towards joining the 22 million miners of the world. The rising importance and sharpening of the miners struggles worldwide, that do often (like in South Africa) play a leading role in the struggle of the workers and broad masses of the countries, emphasize the urgency as well as the possibilities. And it becomes apparent, that it is less and less possible to win the struggle against the international miners monopolies limited to one country.

An International Preparation Group (IPG) was built to prepare the 1st International Miners’ Conference with representatives from the Independent Unions of Kazakhstan, the Comisión Nacional Organizadora from Peru, in which trade unions and other organizations prepare the conference together, the trade union IFTU from India and the miners’ movement Kumpel für AUF from Germany.

I support the process of the international participation in the preparatory group in Germany, in which I work on behalf of the MLPD. So far, there are registrations from 20 countries (KMU, Philippines confirmed its participation, too) and several other countries are clarifying their participation. However, there are important countries missing, to which – as far as we know – the ILPS has good links. This effects especially Australia, but also Canada and the USA. Hence our request would be that you make the conference known among your contacts and support that militant miners from the countries of the ILPS-organizations participate in the 1st International Miners’ Conference in Peru.

You find attached the invitation letter in English, it is also translated into other languages, as well as an information letter on the character of the International Miners’ Conference. The letter in several languages and other information can be found on our website

If interested, it would be best to get into contact with the International Preparation Group (IPG) directly under [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you

In solidarity


on behalf of the IPG

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