About 100 youth activists defaced the US embassy seal as they held an early morning protest in front of the US embassy in Manila today.

The flash rally kicked off the nationwide protests set today as a new round of US-RP Balikatan exercises begin.The activists were clad in “raunchy” jogging attire. Only 3 policemen and a couple of guards were there to try to stop the flash protest.

The youth protest led by League of Filipino Students and Anakbayan called for an end to US military intervention and condemned the ‘continuing history of US oppression and colonialism.’

“The Balikatan is a symbol of continuing US imperialist dominance and control. The US government, for so long, has trampled on our sovereignty, raped our women and murdered our people. Their economic policies have brought poverty and misery to our nation,” said Charisse Banez, ANAKBAYAN Secretary General.

The youth activists assailed President Noynoy Aquino for being a US “puppet and fanboy” and for inviting further US military intervention and increasing US presence.

“He is thumping his chest, yakyaking, overacting and shouting sovereignty regarding China but is subservient and meek as a lamb regarding the US troops invasion,” said Banez.

ANAKBAYAN said Aquino and US is “complicating and hyping” the conflict with China to serve as pretext for US troop invasion of the country.

More than 6,000 US troops are expected to participate in a new round of US-RP Balikatan this year, marking an increase of troops and expansion in the scope of US military exercises.

Earlier, ANAKBAYAN assailed “raunchy” tag used by a US Marine Corps website to describe Philippines and Filipina women. The youth group said this shows the US military’s “rape motive” vs Filipinas.

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Vencer Crisostomo, Anakbayan National Chairperson, 09224290258/ 09174416739
Charisse Banez, Anakbayan Secretary-General, 09051540923

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