Oppose the US-ROK war games!

Statement of the ILPS Korean Solidarity Discussion Group

We, member organizations and ally organizations of the International League of Peoples’ Struggles existing in the south of the Korean Peninsula, vehemently condemn the ongoing joint war exercises of the United States and Republic of Korea (ROK) on and around the Korean Peninsula. Let all people of conscience unite in calling for an end to the war games in the cause of a just and lasting peace. We support a peaceful resolution by stopping the war games, ending the Korean War once for all with a peace treaty, removing of the United State military from the region, and renunification through dialogue and political process.

On March 11, the US and ROK began its annual “Key Resolve” and “Foal” war games. These, and the “Ulchi” games that take place in August, rehearse invasions of North Korea for several months each year. Far from creating security in the region as those governments claim they do, these games deliberately provoke and stir up animosity towards the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK), extend the state of civil war, and promote war as a solution to a conflict instigated and perpetuated by US imperialism with the support of other imperialist countries. Since coming into power in 2009, the ruling Senuri/Grand National Party US puppet government of the ROK has been undoing all the progress to reunify the peninsula and bring about peace. Continuous war games in recent years have caused an escalation of tensions. They have caused the DPRK to hold underground nuclear tests. This year, in fact, the persistent engagement in war exercises has prompted the DPRK to renounce the July 1953 Armistice Agreement and stand ready to make a counter-attack at any time as of March 11. The situation today is therefore extremely volatile.

It is clear the US imperialists and their followers within the ROK, Japan, Canada and Europe, pose the greatest danger in the region. As residents, both Korean and aliens of various nationalities among us, we see with our own eyes that the real threat to our security is US imperialism. The US began bombing the north of Korea in the fall 1950 and continued every day until July 27, 1953. In that period, the US military destroyed 78 cities and killed 30% of the population of the north half of Korea. What is more, the Korea Truth Commission has documented how the US also launched a holocaust by rounding up civilians and holding them as political prisoners (masqueraded as POWs) then executing and burying 10s of thousands of them en masse. When the North Korean army defeated the US and UN troops in 1953, the US propped up local dictators.

Since that time, it has continuously been militarizing the region, extending and creating military bases, issuing constant threats, manufacturing Cold War redbaiting propaganda, and maintaining a nuclear arsenal of at least hundreds if not thousands of nuclear warheads and nuclear-capable weaponry around the region. Whenever the DPRK retaliates to military infringements on its territories and waters, organizes missile launches of satellites, announces steps to develop nuclear power, and carries out a nuclear test, the US and ROK governments and international corporate media go berserk trying to sell lies and distortions painting the DPRK as an international aggressor and themselves as victims and rallying imperialist forces to go to war.

We urge a stop to all war games in the region. War is never a solution. We call for dialogue. Let the working people and people of conscience of all lands and nations join in making this call. Let us together demand a complete end to the Korean War, demilitarization of the region, and the reunification of Korea.



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