On the Commemoration of International Human Rights Day

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle stands in strong solidarity with the peoples of the world in commemorating the International Human Rights Day on December 10. Even before the United Nations General Assembly adopted in 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, citizens of the world have long been fighting for their inalienable economic, political and cultural rights.
The continuing onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in various parts of the world has exposed and worsened the crisis of the world capitalist system. It has revealed the bankruptcy of the neoliberal healthcare system that has deprived the poor and marginalized of basic health services. Amid this global health crisis, imperialist powers and fascist regimes were on “business as usual” with their recurrent economic sanctions, wars of aggression, and political repression against the broad masses of the people.
Let us be reminded that the pandemic was utilized by these regimes to intensify militaristic and authoritarian rule in different parts of the world. Instead of combating the virus with concrete plans hinged on medical solutions, these barefaced tyrannical governments have prioritized their own profits over people’s health. They have invoked the COVID-19 to divert public funds to intensify political control and repressive measures, projecting themselves as the “saviors of the people”. In reality, with their thirst for power and economic greed amid this crisis, they are the main culprits for the suffering and death of hundreds of thousands of people.
The deliberate state neglect of the social needs of the people at a time of a global health crisis has amplified resistance movements in various countries and regions. The decades-long repression, neoliberal exploitation, rise of state terrorism, austerity measures, racism, plunder, and all the evil workings of imperialism have triggered the outburst of mass protests and people’s resistance all over the world.
In the US, the people have victoriously mounted their sustained massive protests against xenophobia and fascist police brutality. They have also courageously stood up to voice their rejection against the Trump regime. In Thailand, the students rose up in protest against the militarist regime and the corrupt monarchy. While in Indonesia, there has been an outburst of protests against the omnibus jobs law that tramples on the workers’ rights and interests. In India, the people are resisting against Modi’s wars, ethnic cleansing, and exploitation of the working class. In Hong Kong, demonstrations were renewed due to the heightened extradition law that maligns the people’s exercise of their democratic rights as subversion, secession, and terrorism. In Latin America, the peasants and workers continue to stand up against economic plunder and vilification of their rights defenders. In Africa, urban poor communities bravely fight against police brutality and state-perpetrated violence. In Palestine and Turkey, the people continue to rise up against occupation, isolation, fascism, and US imperialist wars of aggression. In the Philippines, the Filipino people continue to resist the longest lockdown and Duterte’s authoritarian rule. The democratic struggles of the people in many other countries and regions have also intensified.
Because of the rapidly escalating conditions of oppression and exploitation, the broad masses of the people are waging anti-imperialist and democratic struggles more resolutely and vigorously than ever before. In the face of the worsening crisis of the world capitalist system and the rise of fascist regimes, the people are left with no other option but to strengthen the fight for genuine social liberation.
The International Day of Human Rights is not just a celebration of the rights we enjoy today, it is a reminder of the long-time, painstaking struggles of gaining and taking back these rights. The struggle continues! Long Live International Solidarity!
ILPS Chairperson

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