No to Israeli annexation, occupation and colonization!

ILPS stands in steadfast and militant solidarity with the Palestinian people against the Imperialist-Zionist annexation plan.  In face of the the July 1 annexation plan, ILPS mass organizations of workers, peasants, students, women, teachers, Indigenous peoples, peace advocates and activists from 34 countries join with the Palestinian people – in Gaza and the West Bank, inside the occupation borders of the Israeli State, in exile and diaspora, in the prisons and the refugee camps –  in calling for freedom for Palestine, from the river to the sea!

The annexation plan is an attempt to codify and provide legal cover for the ongoing colonization, theft of land and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.  Under the plan, hatched by Israeli Prime Minister Netenyahu and “Alternate Prime Minister” Gantz, with backing from U.S. President Trump, Israel would annex parts of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley – areas that it already exercises de facto control over through its settlements, checkpoints, segregated roads, control of the border, occupation army, and ‘security coordination’ with the Palestinian Authority. In effect the annexation plan in nothing more than an attempt to codify, legitimize and normalize the “facts on the ground” created by Israeli occupation, settlements, colonization and other ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

But even as the the most reactionary forces in the region – U.S. Imperialism, Israel and the reactionary Arab regimes – move forward with their annexation plan, the Palestinian people continue to resist and the people of the world see the illegitimacy of the Zionist project, its occupation, and its war crimes.  The Palestinian struggle for liberation is not just a part of the growing international struggle against U.S.-led imperialism, it is a global symbol of resistance, steadfastness and the long march to liberation.

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free! Long live international solidarity!

Signed by:

Len Cooper

ILPS Chairperson

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