Nine years after invasion: Iraq war drags on

MIGRANTE Australia

IRAQ on 20thMarch 2003 was attacked by the superpower coalition of USA, UK, Australia and Poland. Later, these four countries were joined by others forming the coalition of the willing of more than 30 countries. The intensity of the blitzkrieg was such worldwide media viewed it with “shock and awe”. By 1st May, the invasion was declared over and the occupation began.

The initial justification of this atrocious mission was “to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to end Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people.”

No weapons of mass destruction were found as later refuted by the coalition itself. It was a pretext for war. Saddam rule ended by his humiliating capture and death and the Iraqi people were free at last from a tyrant or are they? The objectives were accomplished.

An Iraq government was formed and a US-educated puppet was employed to rule the country. Apparently given the freedom for self-rule, Iraq is still very much under the sway of the “coalition of the willing”.  Iraq is not free. A tyrant was simply replaced by unmasked US conquerors who are rapaciously distributing Iraq’s natural wealth mainly to their benefit. This is modern-day imperialism.

The USA’s super military structure, which is in 150 nations and comprises 43% of the world’s military budget has entrenched itself among nations and has long claimed and act as the supreme police of the world. Relentlessly, it dictates its imperialist agenda on all who are willing and intimidate and sabotage those who are defiant. Iraq is no different. The global financial crisis has brought the Americans to realise that it cannot sustain a war on several fronts. The clamour of its own people to get out from Iraq has grown into a crescendo; America has no option but to limit its liability.

The pretext with the war on Afghanistan is the same as in Iraq. Australia is into this war as well. The same question needs to be answered as to our involvement in this war. Australia has not decided to leave this war finally. Although miniscule in size (1000+), the Australian troops have sacrificed 22 soldiers, a price to pay on someone else’s war of aggression.  Yet our government is reluctant to recall its forces home. Why are we Australians into this war? What are we to gain?

 Australia has always been a willing partner of the US intent of hegemonic control of the Pacific basin. To control China, the US has made a realignment of its military concentration on the South East Asia region. Australia has agreed to base American war infrastructure into Australian sovereign soil and Australian taxpayers subsidise the build-up and presence of the imperialist aggressor. Australia is to provide a buffer zone for a traditional aggressor.

Are we such a war-mongering nation and choose to align ourselves with a super imperialist master with a war machine that can destroy all of us?

Wake up Australia. We don’t need this war and subsequent wars. It is all against our ethos of fair go.

Wake up Australia. We don’t need this war. Rise up and become a true upholder of humanity.

George Kotsakis
Migrante Australia Chairperson
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0413 041514


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