Message to Comrade Kim Jong Un, DPRK & Korean People on 100th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung

To Comrade Kim Jong Un
General Secretary, Korean Workers’ Party
Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Esteemed Comrade Kim Jong Un,

We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle,  convey our warmest greetings of solidarity to you, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and  the  Korean people  as we join the celebration of the 100th birth anniversary of the great revolutionary leader President  Kim Il Sung on  April 15, 2012.   This is a highly significant day in Korea’s resplendent 5000-year history and is a strong inspiration to the peoples of the world.

All of us benefit from the ever lasting legacy of  President  Kim Il Sung of resolute and militant struggle for national independence, democracy, socialism and peace against  Imperialism and all reaction. His revolutionary record of 70 years  is as magnificent as Mt. Paektu, the ancestral home and bulwark of the Korean people.  We  firmly and fully support the continuance of his historic efforts to reunify Korea on the basis of independence, peace and unity.

Comrade Kim Il Sung excelled in fighting for the national liberation of the Korean people.  He led victoriously revolutionary wars against Japanese imperialism and then against  U.S. imperialism which  unleashed  a  massive war of aggression.  To achieve every victory, he  mobilized the Korean people.  He  upheld working class leadership through the Korean Workers’ Party in completing the people’s democratic revolution and in   carrying out  socialist revolution and socialist construction in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in accordance with the principle of self-reliance.

Guided by his wise leadership and indomitable spirit, the Korean people scored great feats of achievements in the social, economic, political, cultural, scientific and educational fields under the banner of socialism.  At the same time, they heroically withstood and  overcame armed provocations, economic blockade and all kinds of pressures, interferences and maneuvers by the imperialists and their agents.  In  this regard, we support  the Korean people in upholding, defending and further developing all the victories that they have won under the leadership of Kim Il Sung and his successors.

Comrade Kim Il Sung is a great revolutionary leader who is inspiring not only to the Korean people but to all the people of the world.  His revolutionary ideas and deeds shed a powerful light on the road of revolution and mass struggles against imperialism and reaction.  They are relevant and useful to the people of the world as they face  the devastation being wrought by the grave crisis of the world capitalist system, involving the escalation of exploitation and oppression and  the spread of state terrorism, fascism and wars of aggression.

We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, pay homage to the undying memory of   President Kim Il Sung  as a great leader and revolutionary fighter for national and social liberation. We are therefore resolved  more than ever before to arouse, organize and mobilize the people of the world to fight for national independence, democracy, social justice, development, international solidarity and peace.

Long live the memory of the great leader Kim Il Sung!

Long live  his legacy of revolutionary struggle and victories!

Long live the solidarity of the Korean people and world’s people!


In solidarity,

Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle

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