Prof. Sison: Message of thanks for launch of my books

Message of Thanks to All Concerned
At the Launch of My Books
By Jose Maria Sison
Hongkong June 23, 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I convey warmest greetings of solidarity to all present. Thank you for attending the launch of my two recent books, Combat Tyranny and Fascism and Struggle Against Terrorism and Tyranny, Volume I.

I am thankful to the ILPS for the privilege to have these books launched on the evening of the first day of its 6th International Assembly. I am also thankful to the reviewers for assuming the task of giving you a preview of the books.

The titles of the books focus on the current phenomenon of Duterte tyranny in the Philippines. Many of the contents deal with Duterte’s sabotage of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. But the books deal with both Philippine and global issues related to the major concerns of the ILPS.

The preface of each book gives you an overview of the contents. At any rate, Combat Tyranny and Fascism compiles my writings in 2017 and Struggle Against Terrorism and Tyranny, Volume I covers my writings during the first half of 1918.

Aside from possibly acquiring the books being launched tonight, you will have the opportunity to acquire other books on display at the assigned place for the entire duration of the 6th Assembly.

The books are pertinent to the anti-imperialist and democratic struggles that we are engaged in. I wish you the best in reading them.###

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