Message of solidarity with the Genoa Dock Workers (IGCL)

To Genoa Port Dock Workers – Italy

The  Independent  and  Peaceful  Australia  Network  (IPAN)  sends  warm  greetings  on  your  historic act of solidarity with the people of Yemen by refusing to load weapons on Saudi Arabian Freighter Bahri Yanbu to be used in the brutal war against the people of Yemen.

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The strike by the Genoa dock workers and your declaration “We will not be complicit with the civilian deaths in Yemen” inspires and gives hope and confidence to millions of people around the world campaigning for peace and justice and against wars of aggression and profiteering by the multinational weapons corporations.

Your  successful  strike  action  showed  the  collective  strength  of  workers  and  communities  working together to stop predatory wars.

We in  Australia are also  campaigning  against  the  export of arms  to  Saudi  Arabia  and  our  government’s subservience to US global military agendas and multinational weapons corporations.

We stand in solidarity with you and the people of Yemen.

Shirley Winton and Kevin Bracken

Peace and Justice are Union Business Working Group
Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN)
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(PAN is a network of more than 70 organisations around Australia – community, faith and peace groups, trade unions and concerned individuals ‐ campaigning for a truly independent foreign policy in Australia and remove all foreign military bases and troops from this country.)
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