By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
April 9, 2017

On behalf  of the International Coordinating Committee and entirety of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), I wish to congratulate all the leaders and members of Mexican organizations now establishing the Mexican national chapter of the League.  I also wish to express solidarity to all the distinguished guests who have joined us in this historic occasion.

We highly appreciate the efforts of the Preparatory Committee of the ILPS Constituent Assembly, especially the Popular Revolutionary Front (FPR), in convening the delegations of Mexican organizations in order to establish the national chapter of the League in Mexico.  The FPR is a distinguished member-organization of the ILPS and its National President and representative to the ILPS, Florentino López Martínez, is currently serving as Vice Chairperson for External Affairs of the League.  

We applaud the organizations now convened to serve as charter members of the  ILPS Mexico as follows:

  1. Coordinadora del Movimiento Amplio Popular de San Luis Potosí;
  2. Unidad Cívica Felipe Carrillo Puerto;
  3. Movimiento por la Emancipación de la Mujer;
  4. Frente Amplio de Comunidades Marginados del Estado de Oaxaca;
  5. Frente Campesino y Popular de Chiapas;
  6. Unión de la Juventud Revolucionaria de México y,  
  7. El Frente Popular Revolucionario (FPR)

The theme of the Assembly, “neither war among peoples nor peace among classes”, is certainly timely and most relevant as it heralds even greater advances in the struggle of the people of Mexico against imperialism and fascism.  This is especially urgent to confront the escalating assaults of Yankee imperialism now headed by the neofascist Trump as well as the neoliberal and facist offensives of Pena Nieto’s regime in Mexico.  Wars, plunder, exploitation and repression are bound to intensify as the general crisis of monopoly capitalism and the local ruling system reaches new depths.

The new Platform of the ILPS Mexico Chapter provides a vital framework for the advance of the anti-imperialist and democratic fight of the Mexican People in this historic moment.  We are confident that the Political Declaration of this Assembly will inspire broader unity and militant struggles for people’s rights, independence, democracy, all-round development, social justice, solidarity and peace.

We are confident that the Chapter’s Constitution to be ratified by the Assembly will be adapted to the Mexican context and aligned with the ILPS Charter.  We look forward to the Chapter’s elected officers who will provide the resolute and effective leadership for the League in Mexico and beyond.

We also express gratitude to the League’s member-organizations in Mexico for agreeing to host the 6th International Assembly of the ILPS next year.  We look forward to the gathering of the most resolute and militant anti-imperialist and democratic organizations from all over the world in Mexico City on July 26-28, 2018.

We wish your founding assembly the utmost success.  We look forward to the expansion and further strengthening of your national chapter and member-organizations through resolute and militant struggle in the national and democratic interest of the people of Mexico, Latin America and the world!

Long live the memory of the revolutionary martyrs and heroes of Mexico!

Fight for freedom, truth and justice and carry forward the national and democratic struggle!

Long live the people of Mexico and their revolutionary cause

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