Chairperson, International League of Peoples’ Struggle

Quito, Ecuador

We, in the International Coordinating Coordinating Committee of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, express our felicitations of solidarity and salute all of you for your firm struggle for national independence and democracy against imperialism and reaction.

We are deeply pleased that the leaders of the member-organizations of Frente Popular, the confederation of people’s and sectoral organizations in Ecuador and other allied organizations are present to listen to the reports of comrades who attended the Fourth International Assembly of the League in the Philippines last July.


We are hopeful that this meeting can succeed in introducing the League to the progressive mass movement in Ecuador, in spreading the results of the Fourth International Assembly and in encouraging Ecuadorian mass organizations to join the League and form a national chapter.


It is of urgent necessity that we exert all efforts to continuously strengthen the anti-imperialist and democratic movement of the people by raising their political consciousness and fighting will, to organize the progressive forces in every country and continent and to mobilize ever greater masses against imperialist plunder and war.

The crisis of monopoly capitalism has been accelerated and aggravated by the US-instigated policy of neoliberal globalization in the last three decades. The entire world capitalist system is now afflicted by protracted depression, the worst since the Great Depression.

As the crisis worsens and deepens, the monopoly bourgeoisie becomes more greedy and exploitative than ever before and more violent and more aggressive than ever before. It tries in vain to overcome the economic and financial crisis through military production and war of aggression. In this connection, it whips up all forms of reactionary currents, including fascism, chauvinism, racism and religious bigotry.

But the economic, social and political crisis of global capitalism worsens and deepens. The basic contradictions in the world are exacerbated: those between the imperialist powers and the oppressed peoples and nations, between the monopoly bourgeoisie and the proletariat and even among the imperialist powers themselves.

In times of the grave crisis of monopoly capitalism, the broad masses of the people suffer the worst forms of exploitation and oppression. At the same time, they are goaded and driven to fight back. They struggle for national and social liberation. They aspire for national independence, democracy and socialism.

In this regard, we urge you to study and grasp the basic principles and policies of the League with regard to as many as 18 major concerns. The Fourth International Assembly has put forward the General Declaration and resolutions to sharpen motivation and provide guidance to the peoples of the world in the anti-imperialist and democratic struggle.

We are hopeful that more organizations join the League immediately and to form national chapters subsequently. Further, the national chapters can form global region coordinating committees. As in any other global region, it is possible for two or more national chapters to form the global region coordinating committee in Latin America and the Caribbean. The International Coordinating Committee of the League will become more efficient and effective if supported by national chapters and global regional coordinating committees.

We look forward to the further rise of militant mass movements, spreading like a conflagration to bring down the power of the imperialists and their puppets in entire continents. The conditions of severe crisis are favorable for the rise of various forms of mass struggles throughout the world. It is our fervent desire that the League plays an important role in mobilizing the peoples for more extensive and more intensive anti-imperialist and democratic struggles on a global scale.

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