By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
January 28, 2016

On behalf  of the International Coordinating Committee and entirety of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS),  I wish to express solidarity to the distinguished guests, the Cuban and Venezuelan ambassadors, the delegations  from the Philippines, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina, the United States, Venezuela and Honduras and the  all the  leaders and members of Guatemalan organizations now establishing the Guatemala national chapter of the League.

We highly appreciate the initiative of  the Fundacion Amancio Samuel Villatoro (FASV)  in convening the delegations of Guatemalan organizations in order to create the national chapter of the League in Guatemala in  response to the thematic call: Through the clarification of the crimes against humanity, the right to unionization, human rights and social justice in Guatemala, No more imperialist interference!

The FASV is a distinguished member-organization of  the ILPS and its representative Compañero Samuel Villatoro has been elected to the International Coordinating Committee of the ILPS.  We are proud to recall that the ILPS extended solidarity, support and assistance to the FASV in the establishment of the Museo der los Martires.

The organizations now convened  to serve as charter members of the  ILPS Guatemala are as follows:

Museo de los Martires
Fundacion FASV
Maya Vision
Comite de Unidad Sindical CNUSS
Sindicato Nacional de Salud
Sindicato Nacional de filiales por gremio
Accion Ecologica
Organizacion Guatemala Basta Ya
Sindicato autonomo magisterial de Guatemala
Organizaciones de El Salvador
Colectivo Herbert Anaya Sanabria
Colectivo Mauricio Vallejos Vive.
Organizacion de Honduras
Colectivo Anti imperialista.

The theme od the assembly is highly important and pressing because even before the crimes against humanity committed in the past by Yankee imperialism and its reactionary puppets against the people of Guatemala are totally exposed and acted upon to give justice to all the victims and their families, human rights violations are being flagrantly committed anew against the people and the activists in the anti-imperialist and democratic movement.

Guatemala continues to be a totally and sharply divided society between the few oppressors and exploiters and their paid agents and misled followers and the many oppressed and exploited even after 19 years after the signing of the peace agreement. Respect for human rights in the civil, political, economic, social and cultural fields cannot be guaranteed if the people are deprived of the complete truth concerning  human rights violations and if justice is denied.

The people of Guatemala can hope to enjoy a better life if they are not under the shadow of intimidation and human rights violations and they assert the freedom to demand and work for national independence, democracy, all-round development, social justice, solidarity and peace.  We are deeply pleased that the Guatemala national chapter of the League is being established to uphold, defend and advance these principles, aims and objectives.

We wish your founding assembly the utmost success.  We are confident that you have brought together the most resolute and militant anti-imperialist and democratic organizations in Guatemala, that you will ratify a chapter constitution adapted to your country and aligned with the ILPS Charter and that you will elect an effective leadership among the representatives of your member-organizations.

We look forward to the expansion and further strengthening of your national chapter and member-organizations through resolute and militant struggle in the  national and democratic interest of the people of Guatemala and the people of the world!

Long live the memory of the revolutionary martyrs and heroes of Guatemala!
Fight for freedom, truth and justice and carry forward the national and democratic struggle!
Long live the people of Guatemala and their revolutionary cause!

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