DATE: 28 JUNE 2011

An article of two pages dated 26-06-2011, purportedly signed by a minority group of 11 ICC members, is being circulated to publicly attack the ILPS, the ICC, the ILPS chairperson and the Fourth International Assembly.

The issues raised by the article have been resolved in the plenary meeting of the ICC on 21-22 November 2009 in The Netherlands.

In order to refute the false claims of the article, we are reproducing hereunder the Communique of the ICC on said plenary meeting. We have underscored the most pertinent passages.

Thank you for your attention.

For the ICC,
International Coordinating Group


ILPS International Coordinating Committee successfully holds meeting in the Netherlands

Communique of the ILPS International Coordinating Committee

24 November 2009

The International Coordinating Committee (ICC) of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) successfully held its plenary meeting on 21-22 November 2009 in The Netherlands and made important decisions to strengthen the ILPS as a broad united front of mass organizations along the anti-imperialist and democratic line.

The ICC meeting was presided by Prof. Jose Maria Sison, ICC chairperson. Twenty-three (23) out of 27 members of the ICC were present in person and by proxy. All ICC members had been given due notice of the meeting since 18 September 2009.

The ICC received the separate reports and recommendations of its officers who composed the International Coordinating Group (ICG) and those of commissions and territorial organs. The ICC praised the significant achievements scored by the ILPS since the last ICC meeting in February and congratulated the ICC organs and member-organizations concerned.

Among the most outstanding achievements of the ILPS since the ICC in February 2009 were activities and campaigns to arouse, organize and mobilize the broad masses of the people to fight for national and social liberation against the relentless worsening of the crisis of the world capitalist system and against the escalating level of imperialist plunder and war.

The ICC approved the ICC chairperson’s report and recommendations to strengthen the ICC and the ILPS as a whole. Accordingly, the ICC subjected its officers to a vote of confidence and elected a new set of officers. ICC chairperson Prof. Sison and others were reelected. A few were not reelected. As a consequence, the ICG and the General Secretariat of the ILPS have been reconstituted.

The ICC criticized the sectarian current to confuse ideological building of parties with the ILPS as a broad united front of mass organizations along the anti-imperialist and democratic line and misconstrue united front policy and work as opportunism. The ICC noted that the sectarian elements had not contributed to the building of the ILPS, had turned off prospective member-organizations and had stifled the building of global region committees and national chapters of the ILPS.

Since the Second International Assembly of the ILPS in 2004, the same sectarian elements had also disrupted meetings and activities of the ILPS by unduly raising ideological issues and derailing the approved agenda and had sought to prevent the ICC chairperson from exercising his mandate as chief representative and spokesperson of the ILPS.

The ICC decided on major plans of actions in order to strengthen the ILPS politically and organizationally. Among the political plans are to cooperate with a broad range of organizations and forces in holding seminars and generating mass campaigns on the global economic crisis and its consequences, an international women’s conference in Montreal, Canada in August 2010 and an international forum on political prisoners in October 2010 in Denmark. It also decided to intensify efforts to strengthen and activate the commissions and to build global region committees and national chapters.

The ICC directed the ICG to accelerate the processing of applications for membership in the ILPS and to urge ILPS member-organizations to gather and recommend new applications. The ICC also directed the ICG to make preparations for the Fourth International Assembly.

Immediately after the adjournment of the ICC meeting, the newly composed ICG met to discuss the tasks mandated by the ILPS charter, the Third International Assembly and by the ICC. The ICC officers are determined to carry out their individual and collective tasks between meetings of the ICC.

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