Long live the struggle of the Mexican people! Long live ILPS Mexico!

Solidarity message of the ILPS East Asia and Oceania to ILPS Mexico on the event of their founding assembly
9 April 2017

The People United, Will Never Be Defeated!

We in the International League of Peoples Struggle East Asia and Oceania Chapter (ILPS-EAO) extend with raised fists and high spirits our warmest solidarity to the leaders and members of ILPS Mexico on your founding assembly this 9th of April 2017.

Your founding assembly becomes an abundant source of revolutionary fervor and inspire to all of us. Your coming together and committing to advance the Mexican people’s cause for a just and peaceful society rid of any and all forms of abuse and exploitation further ignites in us the fire to continue serving the people against imperialism and all reaction.

The founding of ILPS Mexico comes at an opportune time when the Mexican and US governments finalize deals on the NAFTA this year, when the idea of the wall to be built along the Mexico-US border comes to materialize, when drug-related enforced disappearances and all forms of human rights violations continue to rise.

The Mexican people contend with a reactionary government that has little regard for their rights and interests. Big business run abound with their greedy eyes focused on raking in huge profits but at the expense of the toiling masses. Drug cartels continue to wreck havoc among many communities, affecting not only the Mexican people but migrants and immigrants from across Latin America.

Yet the people of Mexico continue to rise up and unite for a just, peaceful and prosperous Mexico. A country where peoples’ rights are respected and protected, where peoples’ sovereignty is upheld and defended, where solidarity and cooperation for the greater interest of people are forged and strengthened.

We look forward to a more vibrant people’s movement in Mexico with the founding of ILPS Mexico. We in the ILPS EAO will continue to be with you and in solidarity as you aim for more people’s campaigns and struggles to wage and win for the people’s collective interest and against imperialism, feudalism and all forms of reaction.

Long live ILPS Mexico!
Long live the people’s struggle!
Down with Imperialism!
Long live international solidarity!

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