Kurdish Roj TV to continue broadcasting, Danish court rules

from Hurriyet.com.tr

A Copenhagen court sentenced Roj TV to pay a 400,000-euro fine for making propaganda on behalf of a terrorist organization today but did not order the closure of the pro-Kurdish broadcaster.

A prosecutor had filed a lawsuit in August, requesting the closure of Roj TV on the grounds that it made propaganda for the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Copenhagen City Court, however, ruled that the country’s laws did not permit the shuttering of Roj TV. Despite this, the broadcaster was given the fine for making propaganda for the illegal group and for receiving financing from a terrorist organization.

Roj TV does not own studios in Denmark, but broadcasts to 68 countries from Copenhagen via satellite thanks to a license it obtained in 2004.

Turkish Parliamentary Speaker Cemil Çiçek reacted to the Danish court’s decision, saying: “This station supports terrorism. Those who advise us are blind to their own ugliness.”

The prosecutor in Denmark said they would appeal the ruling.

The PKK is listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the United States and the European Union.


We celebrate Journalists’ Day with all the working journalists and remember those who are prevented from working!

Copenhagen City Court announced the result of the closure case against ROJ-TV today and decided to allow ROJ-TV’s to continue broadcasting.

This decision has been taken despite the heavy political pressures from Turkey and it is an outcome of the court’s juridical decision rather than the many politically inspired decisions.

While people have been arrested for questioning after making statements on ROJ-TV, we hope that the ROJ-TV decision, coming after longstanding investigations, the judgement should be seen as an example for Turkey as well.

This decision about ROJ-TV is very important for the millions of its viewers andit is an interesting coincidence that the decision comes on the 10th January, known as Journalists’ Day.
This decision is taken in a time when the television screens and the newspaper pages are banned for many journalists.

At a time which is a very difficult one for journalists to carry out their work, we would like to celebrate this day with all working and detained journalists.

BDP Vice Co-President
Responsible for Media and Broadcasting

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