Joint call to commemorate Fukushima disaster and demand the end of using nuclear power

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To All Constituents and Allies of ICOR and ILPS 

Dear Comrades and Friends,

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle and the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR) issued a joint call last year in connection with a joint campaign against nuclear energy and nuclear arms. Both organisations have undertaken work on this campaign since 1st September. On 3rd December, World Environment Day, many demonstrations and programs were held all over the world which propagated said joint call and focused attention on this campaign.

Last year saw one of the worst nuclear disasters in history when the nuclear power plant at Fukushima in Japan was destroyed by a tsunami. The effects of the spreading radiation have been noticed in places hundreds of kilometres away. The readings for the amount of radiation in such places and in places near Fukushima are purposely being suppressed. The real extent of the disaster is being played down by all the Japanese and other imperialist powers interested in the propagation of nuclear energy.

11th March marks one year of the disaster in Fukushima. We call upon all the organisations affiliated to ICOR and to ILPS to hold programs and militant demonstrations all over the world to draw the attention of the people to the real nature of nuclear energy and to mobilise support of the people all over the world against nuclear energy. The basis of such programs and demonstrations would be the joint statement issued by ILPS and ICOR last year a copy of which is attached hereto.

At the same time, we are sending the form of a manifesto of protest and demand. We hope it would be signed by millions of people against nuclear energy. We shall  draw the attention of the UN to this petition and demand action. We call upon all organisations to take this manifesto to the people starting from 11th March and ending on Hiroshima Day on 6th August, using the memory of the deaths and devastation in Fukushima to rouse the people to take part in this campaign against nuclear energy. 

Comrades and Friends,

Imperialism is devastating the natural and human resources of the world in its insatiable quest for profits. Bourgeois NGOs are not able to point to imperialism as the realculprit in the devastation of the environment. It is only the mobilization of all the broad masses of the people, especially the oppressed and exploited masses led by the working class, which can effectively challenge the malevolent  actions of imperialism. We call upon all constituent organisations to take up these tasks with the urgency that they deserve.




ILPS clarification on ILPS-ICOR joint call, manifesto against nuclear plants and arms 

By Prof. JOSE MARIA SISON, Chairperson
For the ILPS International Coordinating Committee

The ILPS wishes to make this signing statement and clarification about the ILPS-ICOR Joint Call and Manifesto Against Nuclear Plants and Arts for issuance on March 11, 2012 in order to preclude wrong notions and misunderstandings:

  1. We consider it as a lofty and noble aspiration as well as desirable strategic objective to seek the elimination of nuclear plants and arms because of their extreme capabilities of destroying humankind and the environment.
  1. But it is wrong not to make a clear distinction between the imperialist powers possessing a big number of nuclear plants and arms and the non-imperialist powers that have a belated program of nuclear research and development for the purpose of energy generation and/or defense.
  1. The imperialist nuclear powers and their nuclear energy corporations should be the main target of campaigns against nuclear power plants and arms.
  1. But it is wrong to spread the notion that these imperialist nuclear powers and nuclear corporations would be persuaded soon and all of a sudden to dismantle their nuclear power plants and arms stockpiles, without a revolutionary civil war for socialism to overthrow the imperialist state within its own borders.
  1. We can address calls and manifestoes to all peoples and countries and even to the general assembly of the UN for the end of nuclear power plants and arms.
  1. But we must not in any way express or imply approval for the use of the UN, the UN Security Council or any other UN agency by the US and other imperialist powers to apply or threaten the use of sanctions or wars of aggression under the pretext of looking for nuclear weapons as in Iraq or upon the arrogant presumption that only imperialists and their cohorts like Israel, Pakistan and India can make nuclear weapons and that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Iran have no such prerogative.

For the International Coordinating Committee
of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison



Manifesto to commemorate Fukushima disaster
and to demand the end of using nuclear power

We, the people of the world, are totally opposed to the use of nuclear power, either for energy or for arms. We accept the following slogans and call upon all Governments all over the world to end the use of nuclear power.

  • Shut down all nuclear power stations and plants!

  • The corporate owners of nuclear power plants must bear the costs of shutdown and clean up operations!

  • Application of the highest standards for storing the remaining radiating waste.

  • We demand compensation and appropriate medical support  from the respective states and from corporate operators or owners of nuclear power plants for all victims of illnesses arising from exposure to nuclear power plant radiation and toxic wastes!

  • Save the environment from the greed for profit of the monopolies!

  • Pursue and expand research, promotion and propagation of environment-friendlypower and energy sources!

  • Ban and destroy all nuclear, biological and chemical weapons!

  • Strengthen the international front of active resistance for the protection of the natural environment!






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