Join launching of ILPS Argentina, National Encounter of Women!

By Pascual Duarte / Oscar Kuperman
National Bureau, Cuba-MTR

We invite you to our next event to be held in Argentina, in the city of Rosario, birthplace of our national flag and CHÉ. This is the second edition of the Anti-imperialist and Revolutionary Days (Jornadas Antimperialistas y Revolucionarias or JAR) to take place between the 4 and 7 of October of this year, which precede and coincide with the National Women’s Meeting (Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres or ENM) taking place on October 8, 9 and 10 of October.

In the context of the current crisis of imperialism and the intensification of trends toward both, the inter-imperialist war and REBELLION and the popular war, the vision and intervention of revolutionary anti-imperialism is of great importance for the plans of the revolution in our countries. Our main challenge is to develop ties with revolutionary anti-imperialist sectors to analyze, test and implement common policies to struggle against imperialism and likewise establish a line of opposition to conciliation or “renegotiation of the dependence” which is being proposed by revisionism, reformism and the social-populist currents.

In addition to the activities around the JAR, enhanced with the participation of the League and the consolidation of our intervention in the matter, with respect to the particular objectives, we are committed to the establishment of an Argentina Chapter in October. Towards that end, we should include as many organizations as possible by pursuing a policy of unity and frontism in order to bring along others to the program of the League and include them in the common organization-action against imperialism, corporations, monopolies and governments that serve them.

The Second JAR, will have the following topics and discussions:

  • Crisis of imperialism: tendencies in the inter-imperialist war and People’s rebellions.
  • Latin America: a way out of the permanent crisis and rebellion of the People.
  • Palestine, strategies of resistance to Zionism / BDS.
  • Kurdistan, Novorossiya, alternatives of popular power against fascism.
  • Asia Pacific: scene of a major inter-imperialist confrontation.
  • Human rights, repression of struggles, political prisoners.
  • The Gender Question: Female and Rebellion.
  • Health and Environment: the fight against corporations.

Events will take place in the UNR (National University of Rosario) of trade unions and social and cultural organizations.

The ILPS (International League of Peoples’ struggle) will have a forum of its Latin American section and expects to launch an Argentine Chapter of the League within the framework of the JAR.

We hope to welcome you and to see you there.

Proletarians and peoples of the world, unite!

National Bureau of Cuba-MTR
(Member of the ILPS-Argentina)

Also, in this city there will be a second meeting of the National Women’s Conference (MND), an event that brings together more than 25,000 women from different groups and places of Argentina, to discuss and promote the struggles of the sector. In this context the intervention of the ILPS for gender policies in the NME would be presented. On October 8 an important event will take place honoring our CHE.

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